Which way to mount fans?

3 Jul 2004
Forgive a stupid question but I'm building a new PC; before I power it up I need to know which way round to mount the 2 case fans. I want one at the front sucking air in, and one at the back blowing it out. These are Akasa AK-183-L2B Amber Ultra Quiet 120mm Fans.

So which way does the label on the front of the fan have to be facing to achieve this?

Man of Honour
12 Jul 2005
Aberlour, NE Scotland
A lot, if not most fans, have an arrow somewhere on the frame indicating which way the air flows. The Ambers have two arrows. One states the direction of rotation and the other the airflow. So you want the front pointing into the case and the rear pointing out of the back of the case. Both fans will actually be the same way around, ie, both of the fans fronts will be facing the front of the case if you see what i mean.

Also as wizzardmax says, most fans have the manufacturers label on the rear so for the front (intake) you want the side with no sticker at the front of the case and the rear (exhaust) you want the side with a sticker against the rear of the case.
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