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Who's going to win this round?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Tony Williams, 10 Dec 2006.

  1. Goatboy

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    I predict the wii will win, not because I think it's better just because what it offers appeals to more people, the PS3 is going to be too expensive for a long time to appeal to the mass market.
  2. Edz


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    IMO it's already over before it's even started.

    The Wii will sell most in the Japenese market, 360 will outsell the other two in the UK & US (Wii will be a close 2nd).

    Sony will give up manufacturing consoles after the PS3 :-/
  3. Cronox


    Joined: 6 Jul 2006

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    While this will be the case as soon as the PS3 supply issues are sorted I'm fairly sure its not at the moment, particularly when you factor in all the 360's sold with blue dragon this week. Also it’s worth keeping in mind at in terms of home console sales Japan is by far the smallest of the 3 main markets. So if you have to lose in one region that would be the one to pick.

    Overall I think it will be fairly close, if the wii can continue to build on its current hype and attract some good 3rd party exclusive games while maintaining its pricing advantage it stands a good chance of winning.
    The PS3 won’t start its run until games like GT, FF and MGS (all probably in 2008) and the price falls considerable from where it is (somewere in the sub-£250 area) . I expect it to be a long way behind the other two at the end of next year but wouldn’t write them off.
    The 360 is defiantly going to do better than the xbox but I think it still needs a few more AAA exclusive titles to keep up with the other two.
  4. Bossy papa


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    it will a be sad day in history if it does,as i cannot see myself playing mario for the rest of my life
  5. WatchTower


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    Please don't give false hope. :D
  6. McBain


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    No reason, just because.
  7. DaveyD

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    In my opinion, there will never be a clear winner. We'll have a "winner" for separate sectors maybe and various achievemens such as most units sold, most played, most games sold and all that stuff. As not everybody has the same opinion on what makes a good game, or what makes a good games console, you'll never make everybody happy, so I guess whichever console makes the most people happy about their purchase will be the winner. It'll be too close to call it I reckon if there were to be an eventual winner.
  8. Gerard


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    Wii's already won in terms of what consoles gonna make their company more money.

    Overall id say:

  9. The Running Man


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    its true nintendo do screw their customers harder than MS or even sony!

    but im not sure whether that makes the customer anywhere near being a winner:/
  10. Zefan


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    I'm going to win, by not spending any money on any of them until they're all out with a few top games for each.
  11. BoomAM


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    Aparentely so unfortunatelly. :(
  12. Quixote

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    Well, the O.P. has defined the thread in thoses terms, fair enough ....

    I still think what I thought 6 months ago. I can't see ANY of the 3 failing outright, they have quite a few points of difference (the PS3's being that it's a playstation).

    I predict approximately a 3 way draw, with differences in different territories :
    Japan - Nintendo slight win.
    US - XBox slight win (?) or a real draw.
    Europe - Real Draw.
    UK - PS3 or XBox slight win.