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Why is my 5950x running so hot?!

30 Dec 2020
So I may need some hand holding here as I've used Intel up until now...

My idle temps are crazy.
Closed everything doing nothing in OS I'm sitting at 60-70.C and under load I'm doing 80.C but only because I set the thermal throttle limit to 80.C in BIOS. It was set to 90.C and the CPU was doing 90.C easy.

What is going on here?
I've seen most people idling in the mid 30's with this CPU...

I'm inclined to think it's software/firmware as this AIO should be fine right?
Should I be looking out for anything in my BIOS that would be rocketing my temps?
Anything I should try disabling?

Yes the CPU block is mounted correctly.
No I didn't leave any plastic on the CPU Block.
Yes the rad is higher than the pump.
I've had this AIO for years now... maybe it's packing in?

CPU: AMD 5950x
Mobo: ASUS x570-i
AIO: Corsair H100i v2 240mm with 2x Noctua 2000RPM industrials pushing
RAM: Corsair 3200Mhz 16-18-18-18-36 16GB
NVME SSD: Samsung 1TB Evo
2 Oct 2020
Have you checked the pump speed in the bios to make sure it's running? those temps sound like no flow...
22 Jun 2006
You've checked that nothing is eating the CPU, right? The boost profile of Ryzen CPUs can be pretty aggressive even if it's not much.
3 May 2012
Yeah that doesnt sound right, as above.

Definately be checking the AIOP software maing sure the pump is reporting RPM (I am not familiar with corsair but on nzxt you can see the pump RMP) make sure its all flowing working etc.

But that doesnt sound right my 5800x whilst hotter than my old intel CPU is mid 30's idling and the highest Ive seen it yet is 75c.

Thats with a NZXT kraken X73 360mm rad AIO.
30 Dec 2020
I have the same problem.

I switched PBO off
and switched the TPU setting to TPU1

Temps dropped from 74C to around 45C in Windows. CPU only maxes to 4ghz.

Normally I don't mess around with bios settings. I buy the best chip I can and leave at default settings. This is the first chip where I've had to mess around because temps seemed very high. I suspect its something to do with the auto boost, but I'm waiting for AMD or Asus to release fixes or someone more experienced to find out what the problem is.

I don't think theres anything wrong with my installation skills. Package came preinstalled with an Artic air cooler and I used an AIO with default paste and reseated with aftermarket thermal paste, all with the same results.
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