Wifi Expansion

2 Aug 2006

I have Virgin cable - M350 package and i am using this in modem mode with the Archer C2300 V1 Router (2.0.3 Build 20180810 Rel. 62903)

This is located downstairs in the Lounge, one ethernet port is using cat 6 to feed a swtich (routed externally outside the house) upstairs into the small room which is where the main PC is used daily... everything in the lounge and Small PC room is hardwired.

Although the wifi signal is very good downstairs (-20 to-30 dBm) and into the diner and kitchen, it is slower upstairs into the 2 other rooms so i am looking to rectify this, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz are around the -55dBm to -70dBm range upstairs.

I am unsure i which product would suit my scenario better, would i be better with a range extender... ie "AC2600" or similar ........or would a dedicated AP... ie "EAP265HD" or similar be better for me ?

Kind Regards
29 Dec 2002
Don't buy a range extender/repeater, they're technically a horrible solution and you've done the hard bit by running a cable already. Buy an AP, run a feed into the loft space and drop it down on the landing or similar central location and mount an AP on the ceiling, cheap, much better coverage and will also likely cover downstairs as well.
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