Windows 7 and AutoPlay...

27 May 2007
Front of the PC
I recently installed Win7 RTM and now for some reason when I put in a game or software disc in my DVDROM's it don't give me the AutoPlay box, asking what to do with it, which it did before on the Win7 RC I had.. I have changed the settings in Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> AutoPlay so that they all are showing "Ask me every time" but still nothing happens.. have tried different combinations in it also but nothing. The DVDROM just spin and then I have to open it through My Computer, and before when I did a right click on a disc that was in my DVDROM it showed AutoPlay in the list but it don't now, just Open and Open in New Window.

Any and all suggestions to sort this little problem out for me would be greatly appreciated!
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