Windows 7 leaving file locked/open on Server 2003

27 Feb 2003
My desktop PC : Windows 7 Pro RTM x64, Office 2007 SP2

File Server : Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 SP2

Last night I went home, leaving a number of applications / files open on my PC eg:

Word 2007
Excel 2007
Visual Studio 2008
Acrobat Reader 9

It's a problem I've seen before on my PC, at which point I installed SP2 for Office 2007 but I can now see it's not just Office.

If I look at the Open Files on the Server, I can see the all the files I had open in Word etc are shown as being open. I have closed Word, Acrobat and Visual Studio yet the server still thinks I have the files in use.

If I try to load one of the Word documents up, I'm told it's locked for editing by another user (me). Visual Studio tells me my project has been modified outside of the IDE and offers to reload it (when it's not been accessed by anyone else).

I never saw this running XP Pro on the same hardware (PC + Server), so I'm a bit confused. I can force the files to be closed on the server but it's a pain.

Thoughts? I wonder if it's something to do with BackupExec backing up the files overnight.

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