Windows boot problems, not sure cause??

17 Jan 2009
So i have a temporary install of windows on a 120gb ide hdd untill i get my replacement 500gb sata back from seagate but i'm having problems booting up windows. Everything was going fine last night and i got the sims 3 installed and proceeded to play it, i then got a BSOD but i didn't write down/remember the error and restarted my computer.

Upon restart i got the familiar message asking me to start windows normally, last good settings....etc and i selected last good settings but it wouldn't get past the windows loading boot screen and no matter if i select start windows normally, last good settings or safe mode i still can't get past the windows boot screen.

I've done a chkdsk and tried to do a repair via the windows xp cd and another computer but that didn't help, i've removed all unnecessary things like wifi cards, cd/dvd drives, usb devices but that didn't help either. I also tried booting up with one stick of memory each time incase there was a problem with one of my sticks but it didn't help, i have reset all my bios settings to default with out any luck.

Before my sata drive failed everything was working just fine and i had no real problems but since i've tried to use this IDE drive it just has given me so many problems.
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