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Windows mixed reality - worth getting?

Discussion in 'Virtual Reality' started by silvagti, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. silvagti

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    I currently only have a Playstation VR headset. I noticed a Dell WMR headset on sale for £200 in my local CEX and was tempted to give it a try for some of the PC VR exclusives and the improved tracking.

    Does anyone have a WMR headset and is it worth getting for £200 or should I hold out for the next generation of VR(PSVR2, Vive/Oculus V2,etc)?
  2. Ravenger

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    I don't have one, (I have a rift) but for £200 it is a massive step up from PSVR providing you have a good enough PC. However you do have to beware the controller tracking limitations of WMR, which though much better than the PSVR is not as good as the Rift or Vive.
  3. DONOHUE07

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    Rift user here, but I have used a WMR before (Lenovo explorer) and whilst the hand tracking isnt as good as my 3 sensor rift setup, it will blow your PSVR away, I recommend it now, the next gen Rift won’t be out for another 2 years minimum, I say buy the WMR and enjoy it until the Rift2 drops.

    Option 2.

    Worth keeping an eye out on eBay and MM here, there have been a few Rifts selling for £250ish, I would take that over a £200 any day
  4. z0mbi3


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    I've used a Vive and Rift in the past, and now own a Lenovo Explorer as my first purchase. As above, the only difference worth mentioning is how the controler tracking works. It's inside out, meaning it uses cameras on the headset rather than trackers up on the walls. If you go too wide with your arms in relation to the headset then they can lose tracking, but they'll really quickly grab it again. In reality this is minimal and doesn't really effect the enjoyment, and of course the upside is that you don't need trackers on your walls.
  5. Geckovich

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    I recently bought an Acer WMR headset to scratch the VR itch. They can be found for sub £200 brand new.

    I'm impressed - though I've only used the Rift and Vive in store demos so I can't really compare the systems.