Windows 'System Restore' experts required.

6 Sep 2006
The boys over at the Distributed Computing forum suggested that I try here for some advice.

I have been having trouble for ages getting Symantec Norton Internet Security 2005 (NIS2005) running on my Windows XP SP2 machines. I does all sort of stuff when installed ,especially stopping Windows Updates from installing at all. I'm talking to their technical boys about this, but one of the last things that they suggested was to run the Symantec online virus checker, which I did last Friday, and recieved a clean bill of health. I also ran their system security app while I was there.

I am currently running the BBC climate experiment DC project on my computers 24/7, but had to switch off that night, as we had guests sleeping in the room. When I tried to bootup the next morning to resume crunching, the system would not boot to windows and kept resetting in a continuous cycle back to POST. I made it into safe mode, but after a while I couldn't make any progress so went for a system restore back to July 06 just before I installed NIS2005. With NIS2005 installed, it doesn't allow me to manually make any restore points, hence I had to go back to July. System Restore did work fine, and got the Windows instalation working fine again. I then fully updated windows on the Windows Update site, which I had been unable to do since loading NIS2005.

It was when I tried to fire up the BBC DC project that things went belly up. It said there were files missing, It terminated both of the models, made them 100% complete, and ready to report back :( No worries I thought, I have all my backups, but when I investigated I found that Restore had tried to restore my backup folders back to their July state, and had deleted, moved, renamed, and generally bugged up all the backups. :mad: I am now in the situation of basically having loss two models, and will have to download two new ones. The most annoying thing it that it never gave me the option to roll back the restore back to the beginning. At least I could have salvaged the models then.


Is there a way to force System restore to roll back, and what are the dangers now that I have updated windows and tried to manually rebuild my backups.

Why has system restore even touched my DC stuff which was in the C:\program files folder, and why did it decide to rearrange my backup folders which were on the root of the C:\ drive.

I thought Restore just targeted the windows installation but obviously not. What exactly does windows restore do, and should I continue to use it and if so, where should I put my backups so they are safe in future.

Thanks for the time.

Cheers. Pete
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