windows update problem

12 Aug 2006
I just formatted this drive, and went ahead to update SP2 using the windows update website, so first it installed at background transfer thing, then I restarted, then I went to install the next lot of updates, and what happens, is when I click on express install or custom install, the little green bar keeps charging, and "install updates" appears as it normally does to the side, but the updates don't appear on the page, and the green bar continues to charge.
Now, if I click on install updates, or any other part of that site after it's found the updates, I just get an instant "send/don't send" error report thing and IE closes. I can't understand what happened. My windows is real of course, so that can't be an issue, and there doesn't seem to be anything on microsoft help about it. I can still install updates via the automatic thing, but that takes ages, and I want to do it now. Do you know what is wrong?
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