Windows XP and Laptop - ME Edition ;)

4 Jun 2006

Hey Long story, I have my girlfriends laptop here, which got seriously messed up by she thinks her bro. Anyway, it used to have Windows 98SE on it but somehow he partion has been deleted and now theres nothing left on it. When you boot up it goes to the Black screen with the white flashing line lol. I have an extra copy of windows XP and tried to boot from the cd. When I did it it all seemed to be fine untill after it said 100% done an error came up saying there was a problem with the disc. I dont know why as this particular version of XP used to be installed on my older computer before I bought a new one. I really need some help with this guys. Preferebly Id like to get XP on there from the disc I mentioned, but I thought maybe if that isnt possible I could install ME. I have my parents old computer downstairs which isnt used anymore. It came with ME but no disc, I know its possible to do so as Ive seen it before but maybe someone could tell me how to copy this ME from my rents old PC onto a disc so I can boot it onto the laptop. It wont be running on two machines or anything illegal (I know your policy ). Thanks for the help again - Ill really appriciate it as I have to try and do this quickly to help my gf with her teacher training.

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