Wireless connection problem ... can I auto-repair???

6 Nov 2005
I'm having problems connecting one of my PCs to our wireless network. We have recently got a BTHomeHub, which works nicely and all of the other PCs connecting to it are fine.

So, I'm trying to connect to it using a belkin wireless g adapter, using the windows wireless configuration tool. When the PC first turns on, it says it is unable to find the network and won't connect. However, as soon as I right click on the wireless icon on the start bar and click repair, it will connect straight away :confused:. Is there a way that I can get the PC to auto-repair the connection after a set time (like 10-20 secs after I turn the PC on) or does anyone have any other ideas? It's just inconvenient, as the PC is a media center behind the TV, so I generally manage and use it from one of the PCs upstairs with UltraVNC. The signal is not brilliant, but is EASILY adequate - I can steam films from my PC on the wireless network to play on the TV without any problems when it does connect.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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