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Worth Upgrading?

22 Sep 2009
Okay, so my current build is

Am2+ motherboard
Amd phenom 9550 @2.2ghz
HD3850 1GB

And I am upgrading to:
*HD4870 1GB
*New motherboard?
*New Processor?

As far as I know that processor is bottlenecking 4870.

Is it worth buying
Am3 motherboard (M4A78-E)
AMD phenom II x2 550 @ 3.7Ghz around?

How big that difference is from 9550 to x2 550 @ 3.7?

EDIT: Oh, and thats a gaming computer, not 3d modelling or anything.
15 Nov 2008
Hi, what actual motherboard is it? Theres a chance it will support the new CPU, probably need a BIOS update, but if it is AM2+ then the new AM3 CPUs are backwards compatible. If you dont know you can run CPUz to find out make, then check the manufacturers support site for list of supported CPUs
If you do buy an AM3 mobo youd need DDR3 RAM too, unless you went for another AM2+ mobo in which case you could re-use your existing stuff
Should be a nice upgrade
8 Oct 2008
In Lockdown England
Hi ,

PURELY for gaming then yes , that high 3.7ghz clock would be an improvement. Although only dual core , gaming wise its the ghz power that feeds it.

I do not feel you should be restricted in any way with either components. They're all pretty new and decent.

About the 4870 ? You bought it yet. ? Reason I ask is this is that its the most important aspect for any gaming machine. The 4870 is a fine card ( i have one ) but with the newer release of the 5800 series you might be able to get a 4890 for a similar price if you look around. Im sure loads will be selling off there 4890's and 4870x2 cheap to obtain the new series.

Good luck

22 Sep 2009
@95thrifles, No I really need mobo update. My current one is some acer's random motherboard, I can't even overclock with it.

So basicially I am buying whole new computer (case, psu, 4870, processor, mobo)
But I got rams, DDR2 and a dvd-rw drive.

And 'bout that DDR3, no there are a lot of good mobos with am3 support and ddr2 memory. I don't have money to buy DDR3 rams yet.

That mobo M4A78-E has Amd 790FX chipset and good features.

@McstylisT, No I do not have bought that card yet, and yes I am aware of new 5800's. But we don't know when they'll be coming. EDIT: Fail? They're being released 28/09/09 or did I read wrong?

Anyone knows games who take advantage of multiple cores?
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