Would Drupal 7 run well on this spec?

24 Feb 2004
Hey folks, a friend of mine is thinking of buying a Lenovo netbook with the following spec: 1.66GHz Atom N450, 1GB RAM, GMA 3150 graphics. He's a budding web developer, and he's concerned if Drupal 7 would run adequately on it (bearing in mind he also has a desktop - I think he's intending to have the netbook run as a virtual server and he'll be accessing it from the desktop, or something, I'm not really familiar with web development). In his own words, "it's Drupal 7, which just needs the usual stuff: Apache, MySQL, PHP (running either on Ubuntu or Windows, doesn't matter). However, the back end of Drupal is quite heavy (a lot of PHP + a big database). I should point out, that the apache is just for localhost, or at most an intranet server made up of 2-3 machines."

Would the Lenovo run that software adequately?
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