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x1950pro tearing/vsync issues

24 Oct 2005
North East
I asked this before but never got answered so ill ask again.

When i was with asus v9999GE i had no visable tearing ingames with vsync off. But with this new x1950pro i have to have vsync on all the time to get no tearing.

My guess is that the card / drivers or somit is not putting out a high enough refresh rate for the displays i use compared to how the nvidia 6800 card used to.

Anyone help me sort this out as i dont want to keep vsync on all the time. But i dont want tearing. I want it how my great 6800 used to be.

With nvidia i could force a refresh rate per resolution but duno how to with ati cards.
28 Jan 2007
Lancashire, England
It could have just been pure blind luck that your old card was giving you a range of frame rates that didn't result in tearing without vsync and now your new card, much faster is accelerating past that of your screen and the tearing is now visible.

Sadly, VSync is the only way I know of removing the Tear lines and achieving a capped FPS value. Sorry I can't help there.
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