X360 Joypad on PC

14 Jan 2005
Lincoln, UK
Had anyone had any luck getting an xbox 360 pad working properly with pc games ?

The default MS driver works ok with games but doesnt seem to support the rumble pad function. Apparantly this is reserved for new games supporting xinput instead of dinput :rolleyes:

There is a hacked together XBCD driver, but the pad seems to work a little oddly. buttons and sticks do all sorts of random stuff in the xbcd config tab, but does seem to look ok on its windows config tab. Ruble does work, but its not rumbling to whats going on in thegame, but rarther just rumbles to how much force i use on the analogue stick :confused:

Are there any drivers outtheir that ive not seen and any in use that do support the pad 100% in windows ?

I have been using a ps2 pad and adaptor for a long while, but got fed up of the rumble feature getting stuck on (so no longer representing whats goin on in game after a fw seconds of working normaly).
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