Xbox 360 - Keyboard + Mouse

23 Jul 2006
i just came across an item on ebay called "XFPS 360 PRO KEYBOARD/MOUSE/PLAYSTATION 2 ADAPTER XBOX"

it says u can hook a keybaord and mouse and also a PS2 controller to it to use on games...

is such an item out?
i have never seen any before or anyone posting about it anywhere. would explain y people are so good on xbox live on saints row while i was getting my ass kicked now and then...
18 Oct 2002
Xbox Live
KB/M is not officially supported by 360 for games, nor will it ever be. And TBH after a week of playing Unreal tournament on my PC I wonder why anyone would want to use a KB/M tbh

As for them being in wide spread use, thats not the case afaik, You are being pwned in Saints Row because they have played the game a lot more than you or they are just naturally better. Practice, and you will improve with the joypad.
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