Xbox One Controller (1708) cannot be detected by W10 - Anyone else fixed this?

4 Aug 2014
I'm having a really annoying time with this. It should be simple right?

I put the Xbox controller into a pairing mode. It can be seen and can connect to other devices (my Apple devices for example) and works as functioned.

When I turn on Bluetooth on my computer, I can see other devices (phones or keyboards).

I just can't see the controller on my Windows 10 desktop.

I've tried a variety of suggested fixes, no good. Controller is updated using the Xbox App, and I can confirm it works using a USB cable.

I don't want to have to get the dongle, as it should just work. If anyone else has suffered similar, do let me know.

If it helps, I am on a Z87 motherboard... 'maybe' there is some incompatibility here but I would very much doubt it.
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