Xigmatek Utgard bad experience

21 Dec 2004
I bought a Xigmatek Utgard and this was the most expensive case I have purchased, because normally I don't consider it an important component - don't care what it looks like etc.

First the good points about it:
  • Large, plenty of room for everything
  • Looks nice
  • Keeps things cool with the three massive fans

And now the bad points:
  • Very bad build quality. You can tell the parts that make it have been cheaply manufactured. Many things don't fit together very well. The removable side panels in fact do not even fit, and the thumb-tacks do not screw in because of this. The hard drive shell was upside down. Maybe it doesn't matter with modern hard drives, but it also goes the right way round inside the case if you just put it in the right way round.
  • It came with the wrong manual, for a slightly different model.
  • The power light is the brightest light in the world. I'm actually temporarily blinded if I look at it directly, and it ruins the atmosphere of games played in the dark. I know that isn't a major complaint, but I don't understand the point of it. But I don't understand the point of lights on the fans either so *shrug*
  • The wire for the adjustable fan speed is faulty. It is very poorly made, just a couple of wires inside a plastic connector, but not properly attached. When it's connected, one of the pins pops out. Everything connected to the "B" fan gets no power, rendering it, and the knob on the front, useless. I had to put all three fans on the "A" knob.
  • The actual connection to the "A" knob on the front is faulty. It worked fine for 23 days, and then today, all the fans just went off. If I turn the knob then it comes on briefly (split second). After some investigation, I found that pushing the knob in (towards the top) makes the fans come on. I now have it sellotaped, which makes the fans work, but means the whole adjustable fan speed thing is thrown out of the window. Plus, over time the fan gradually gets less and less power because of the tape slipping. I cannot leave my computer alone for fear of coming back to find all the fans off.
  • The adjustable fan speed was stupid anyway, if you turned down the fan speed, the front panel where you adjust the speed gets very very hot (seems to just draw the same amount of power, but dissipate it into the case). It gets too hot to touch, so I didn't like to use it. A previous case I owned with adjustable fan speeds did not have this problem. It now gets continually hot because the sellotape cannot hold the knob firmly enough for a good connection.
  • The adjustable fan speed was not actually very adjustable to begin with. With the dial all the way turned, the fans were on max like you might expect. Turning the knob down a fraction reduced the fans to almost not on, and any further turned them off. It was more like an on-off switch. 90% of turning it did nothing, and the last 10% was the adjustable part. I read in another review that the fan speed was reversed, turning it down made it faster. This all points to the shoddy build quality.

I'm really angry about this. I would have been better off using an old case, or buying a cheap one like I normally do. Possibly I could send it back since it's within 28 days, but the only complaint that can be upheld is the faulty fans, and I can't be without a computer for however long that takes, and I don't want a replacement - I don't want another of these even if it's new. I don't have another case here to put it into. I could order a new case, but I don't think I can get a refund from Overclockers?
2 Oct 2007
I bought an Xigmatek Midgard near the start of this year. Worst case I have ever owned (admittedly, the only other 4 cases I have ever owned are an Antec Sonata 2, Antec 300, Lian Li A03b and an Antec 902!!)

I remember the build quality feeling terrible, so because of it I got rid of it only a few months later! The only thing it had going for it over my Antec 300 was cable management....
Man of Honour
14 Nov 2005
Up North
Shame about the quality as the case looks very nice for the price - now we know why! Thanks for sharing.