Xp installing on wrong drive

31 Aug 2004
Sol System
Can anyone tell me why xp seems to be intent on getting my drive letters incorrect.

After an issue with windows I've had to reinstall, now to keep this easier I've set my master harddrive to have a 25gig partition for xp and 2 others using up the rest of the space. (i've also got two other seperate drives, but i've disconnected these during install)

So exactly as I've done many times before I went into the setup selected the partition to install xp on (listed as d: in the setup?) C was listed as the 2nd partition. Not sure why its listed incorrectly in the install. Its always been C, and was just before I rebooted to run install. Anyway I formatted the 25gig drive and installed just in case it would sort it during install. And its got XP on d: partition?

Don't understand why this is suddenly detecting the letters wrong incorrectly in the setup, is there anyway to force the install to detect the correctly in the firstplace. Btw I need to leave the other 2 partitions intact as they have 300 hundred gig on them :)

My comp is really doing my nut in recently, had to reinstall 3 times now in just over a month. Something which I only do rarely (well on my personal PC) as its normally all in good nic.
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