XP-M multilpier adjustment question

26 Apr 2006
I'm relatively new to overclocking, but as I recently acquired an XP-M 2500+ I thought I'd give it a go...but I've already run into a problem :rolleyes: From my understanding, what I want to do is to lower the multiplier and up the fsb...

motherboard: ASRock K7S41
cpu: XP-M 2500+ (I know the person I got it from and he tells me it's a good "clocker")
ram: 512 ddr333 and 512 ddr400

I've currently got it running fine at 155 x14, whic is an improvement, but I'd like to try for more ;) The computer boots up and assigns the cpu a default (recognised) multiplier of 14x, which makes overclocking it rather tricky. It occasionally POSTs at fsb=166 but windows doesn't load.

The k7s41 has multiplier control via jumpers, however I believe these jumpers control the BP_FID (which apparently only works with desktop XP chips) and what I actually need to alter is the FID for an XP-M. I can adjust the multiplier using software once windows is running but as the systems boots at 14x I cannot increase the fsb (I've not yet tried upping Vcore but I'd rather solve this multiplier thing first...)

I found a site which has url=http://www.ocinside.de/go_e.html?/html/workshop/pinmod/amd_pinmod.html]"pin-mod" instructions[/url] for setting the multiplier on XP chips, but before I resort to dropping tiny bits of wire into my cpu-socket I was hoping there might be other tactics I could employ? I'm not even certain the pin-mod applies to XP-M as well as XP cpus?
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