Yellow tinting on vp930.

16 Dec 2004
Isle of Wight
I just got a second 19inch monitor to go with my current viewsonic vp930. Once I got them both set up next to each other several things became clear.

My viewsonic is not very bright at all, it looks dingy next to my hyundai.

The colours on the viewsonic look all yellow. Whites that look white on the hyundai but yellow/grey on my viewsonic. I compared with an image spanning both monitors (see picture)


In this picture the vp930 is on the left and the new hyundai is on the right.

I have tried adjusting all the settings on my viewsonic, it is already at max brightness. I have tried all the colour settings to no avail. I got this vp930 as an upgrade when my last 17inch viewsonic broke down. They only had this in stock so they sent it out. I did not get the perfectsuite cd that is meant to go with it, I dont know if this matters. I doubt it would fix the problems I apear to be having.

The question is, is the vp930 on its way out? should I be trying to get another rma.?
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