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Discussion in 'Case Central' started by ChugNorris, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. ChugNorris

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    Introducing the Lian-Li Strimer RGB 24 Pin Motherboard Cable. The Strimer is the perfect andidote to all those people who have been bemoaning the lack of RGB options available for your current PC setup :) In all seriousness, it's a nifty piece of kit, and looks very nice in operation, something that's not completely obvious from the images, which is why our chums at Caseking have created this video: -

    Of course, it's motherboard controllable, and addressable, for that extra RGB goodness. Stock will be available next week, and will be £9 cheaper for a limited time only (usual price £44.99) I aren't getting many from the first batch, so if this is something you need in your life, whack a preorder down on it!

    Lian-Li Strimer RGB 24 Pin Motherboard Cable @ £35.99 inc VAT

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Unique RGB LED controlled PSU cable, Industry standard 24-pin connector, Fully functional power cable extension, Design collaboration with der8auer

    Only £35.99 inc VAT.

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  2. Gerard


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  3. ttaskmaster


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    Yah, no... not at that price.

    I'd been watching with interest, as it initially looked to be an actual 24-pin ATX cable that was illuminated, reminiscent of the Superflower PSU sockets. As the mere clip-on thing it turned out to be, it was less impressive but still kinda pretty.
    I don't have an RGB header on my mobo, so I'd be reliant on an additional controller hub and whatever software worked with that (choice between the big three, I expect, unless Corsair pull their fingers out)

    But then the reviews came out.... !!!
    They might just have been early pre-release prototypes, but it appeared pretty darn flimsy and quite shoddily built/wired up.

    For £20 I'd be up for it, but even discounted I'm not so enthused... And that full price - Forget it!
  4. koooowweeee


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    If it was like £10 then yeah! But, no. Sorry
  5. HoneyBadger

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    It didn’t get very good reviews so for the price, it’s just stupid.
  6. Safetytrousers

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    I expect to be paying more that £10 for a conventional custom main power cable, so no chance this would be £10 or less.
  7. koooowweeee


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    Just my opinion. I'm not a fan of rgb.
  8. ttaskmaster


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    This is just an extension - BitFenix have one of those (sold here) fully sleeved in red & black, for £9... and there are even cheaper ones than that!
    But an RGB collar for my 60mm reservoir tube, with various patterns and colours is under £20 too, so that's my basis for my low valuation.
  9. Vargas


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    The futures so bright I gotta wear shades.
  10. Glanza


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    Wonder if they've revised it since the version they sent out to Youtubers as most of those broke on install.
  11. Dom86


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    I have one of these and for all the investigating I've done, I'm not finding anything out about the 3 pin cable that goes from the motherboard rgb connector to the strimer. Is anyone able to help me please?