Zalman MFC-2; Which Fan?

29 Dec 2005
Ive just bought one of these fan controllers and its got a really good potential. I just have an issue with the fans.

With the controller you have to specify the RPM you want and the controller will adjust it to try and get it to match the actual rpm.

If you set the RPM to higher than the fan can handle the fan will run at its max. This is fine but if you set it to lower than it can handle then itwill spin up and slow down all the time. I would trust this to keep my system cool though. Anyone got any ideas for which fans work the best with this? Ideally ones with the lowest start up voltage Im guessing.

Also I need them to be as quiet as possible and preferably shift the same amount of air as the stock fans that come with the Antec 900 case. If possible aswell I would like Blue LED ones so that I can swap the case ones and still keep the look.

The reason I want to swap the case ones is because they are only 2 pin fans so cannot be controlled with the controller.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also while Im here, anyone with this controller, when you select the channel and press the jog dial does it turn the fan off?
27 Nov 2005
Am using yate loons with mine,and they working very well with this controller....

(My yate loons will run fine down to about 700rpm )

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