1. Boo_OS

    How important are Cuda Cores for building a PC intended for media creation?

    Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade my GPU, my PC is a mid tier workstation intended for Adobe Suite and 3D modelling. I've always been an Nvidia user but due to multiple issues with two cards now due to faulty memory, lack of VRam, and buggy utilities, I've been considering taking the leap to...
  2. DB_SamX

    Moving Lightroom Classic to a new PC - query about copying settings

    I will be rebuilding my PC soon, and with that reinstall Creative Cloud and Lightroom to a brand new hard drive. I have just been preparing for that, doing some reading about transferring over the catalog, downloaded presets, and catalog backups. What I am struggling to confirm is whether that...
  3. mateuszduzinkiewicz@gmail

    NVIDIA Surround task bar problem in Win 11

    Hello. I have a strange problem with my task bar generated by Adobe Creative Cloud. After installing Adobe software on my Win 11 and having NVIDIA surround active (3 monitors x 1080p) my task bar is jumping to left monitor and no way of putting it back in the middle one. It always happens after...
  4. landyvlad

    PC Spec for high quality digital art in Photoshop?

    I'm hoping there may be some digital artists or pro photoshop users lurking here :) A bloke I know needs a new PC, he says. (Let's assume for the moment he wants a PC not Apple.) He does graphic design - very detailed drawings with MANY layers in photoshop. (He also does some video editing...
  5. Tysonator

    Adobe Genuine Service

    Hi, will I harm my LightRoom & Photoshop if I uninstall AdobeGCClient.exe from the c/ Program Files (x86), common / Adobe folder ? I do get an error message about I only have 10 days left before my Adobe programmes get lock. I normally just Task Bar manager, end task and I can carry on using...
  6. bewarethemoon

    Seeking advice for a build for TV Video Editing/Logging & Music Production - Budget £800~

    Hey all, I'm a bit of a novice looking for some advice on creating a build fit for video editing and music production. My current laptop (since 2017) is beginning to slow down and considering its never been able to run the Adobe Creative Suite properly, I'm now looking to upgrade into something...
  7. Tommky

    Video editing workstation 3900x 32GB RAM Nvidia 1660 Super

    Hi All, I’ve recently built this computer for video editing Sony A7Siii footage and it’s really slow in premiere pro. Ryzen 3900X Nvidia 1660 super 2 x 16GB 3200Mhz Crucial Ballistix TUF gaming X570 Plus WiFi 1TB Sabrent Rocket Nvme Others seem to be editing A7Siii footage with less...
  8. SuperOmni12

    New Build PC

    Hi Everyone, First time posting as I have been out the loop for a while in PC tech, trying to catch up with everything and thought it would be best to get input from people here. I am a editor working mostly at production offices but with everything that has been going on I have been working...
  9. Martin_Man

    What is better for performance (Beginner question)

    I'm not the most technical guy in the world so I want to know what the best options are for running Photoshop and Premiere Pro on a budget laptop. So that I have some idea, what is better for performance? Processor: Intel i5 (8th Generation) Processor speed: 2.4GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) GPU: Nvidia...
  10. andy1231239

    Photoshop PC spec - what do you think?

    Hi, My colleague uses Photoshop & InDesign and their current PC struggles with A3 or larger which is a problem, as he works with large files. Looking to get them a new PC and we have been offered the below quote. What do you think of the following spec? Compatible? Value for money? Case PCS...
  11. andy1231239

    How good is this spec for Photoshop & InDesign?

    Hi, My colleague uses Photoshop & InDesign and their current PC struggles with A3 or larger which is a problem, as he works with large files. Is the following spec decent enough to run Adobe Creative Cloud with respectable performance? Budget approx £2k. 1x Lenovo ThinkStation P520c 30BX -...
  12. mrk

    New Lightroom/Camera RAW update brings GPU accelerated editing at long last Thought this was thread worthy given the frustration many have with choppy editing in LR especially after you've made some changes to a RAW and have a larger res display. Personally the GPU...
  13. IsaacS

    GTX1050ti plus 32Gb RAM VS. GTX1060 plus 16Gb RAM

    Looking for a laptop for heavy video editing (specifically After effects work), and got the question what would be best; GTX1050ti with 32Gb RAM or a GTX1060 with 16Gb RAM Thank you
  14. Quartz

    High GPU usage by Acrobat extension for Chrome - cryptominer?

    I noticed that Chrome seemed to be running slowly. Chrome's Task Manager showed approx 30% GPU usage and 4 GB RAM or VRAM usage. Classic cryptominer symptoms. My last significant software change was installing the Acrobat extension. So I checked my Chrome extensions and disabled the Adobe...
  15. Robert Curd

    How to Hyperlapse like a BEAST!

    Hi Guys, I made this tutorial on how to make a hyperlapse. I would love to answer any questions you have or any feedback! Thanks Rob
  16. lennshow66

    Graphics Design PC £2k Budget

    Hi All, I am after a high-performance graphics design PC including a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a budget of £2000. I do not require the OS. I would like the monitor to reproduce colours well as there will be a lot of work on this machine using the Adobe Suite. I am after the best bang...
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