1. mwdthomas

    Openreach master socket and new house ethernet system

    Hi, Apologies in advanced for my cluelessness in the field of networking, but I am currently in the middle on an on-going and seemingly never ending install with Plusnet and thought now would be a good time to make sure I'm utilising my internet setup correctly. I've just moved into a new...
  2. Adria Atlantis

    Cable 100m (Will Patch Panels Extend the Range?)

    Howdy, I'm looking for clarity on something. I know that ideally for Cat5e we're looking at a maximum of 100m for 1Gbps if connected end-to-end. Am I right in thinking that if I put a Patch Panel in between source destination (let's say 50m, so halfway) that it's still within the 100m. And I'll...
  3. darkcloudi

    Network cables sleeve markings - new build

    I have asked for this in another forums (moneysavingexpert) which isn't specialised in computer networking, so hopefully someone in networks will know the answer to this question. Do all networking cables have markings on them to certify what they are? i.e. Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7, etc I am...
  4. adamCCC

    cat7 ethernet installation advice please

    Hello I have cat7 installed in my house during a rewire (I got it really cheap before anyone says its pointless over cat6!) I want to fit cat6 faceplates like the ones below but im unsure of the best method to do so. I've read about having to earth it properly, some links stating this should...
  5. geneticmaterial

    broken internal cat5e cable

    Hi I moved into a new build Miller home in March and I had a cat5e cable fitted internally from the back upstairs bedroom to under the stairs with a termination plate at each end and all wired up correctly to B standard at both ends. This used to work fine running 200mb with a virgin media...
  6. GTiPUG

    New house - Wiring rooms - CAT5e vs CAT6 vs CAT7?

    In the process of buying a house. It's a reasonably new build (5 years old) and currently only has a master phone socket, no ethernet. I'm planning on getting a contractor in to wire the place with ethernet, from the downstairs master socket up to each of the three bedrooms. One of those...
  7. jiw2033

    USB 3.0 over Cat5e ethernet

    So can this be done? My instincts say no because USB 3.0 has 9 pins and Cat 5e has just 8 wires. But is it possible to make your own cable that runs USB 3 over two Network cables? So wire four pins into one connector and five into another? I realise that you can buy devices that let you run USB...
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