1. leftismer

    [SSD performance] Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon

    Hello, I'm planning to buy one of those laptops (XPS 13 9360 256GB and X1 Carbon 2017 256GB) and I've found out, that the performance of SSDs is very different on these devices: Dell: Sequential Read: 1233 MB/s Sequential Write: 732.6 MB/s 512K Read: 1036 MB/s 512K Write: 439.9 MB/s 4K Read...
  2. IronFire

    Making HDR work on the Dell UP2718q

    Does anyone have the Dell UP2718q? Mine is causing me lots of hassle with HDR. I am running a GTX 980ti and have the monitor connected via Display Port 1.4 as the HDMI port is only 2.0 on the GFX card and doesn't support 2.0a with the HDR meta data needed by the screen. DP 1.4 should support the...
  3. MetallicCabbage

    First ever PC build - Opinions & advice welcome!

    Hey chaps & chapesses! So I've been planning this build for around 2 years now (build date kept on getting pushed back for financial reasons) and come next month I'll finally be able to afford all the bits I want! Wooo! I'm looking to get a pretty high end build suited for pretty much...
  4. sanspoof

    Dell XPS 15 9550 Kernel Power 41 (task 63)

    Hi All, I love my dell XPS 15 9550, it has a 512GB SSD, 16gb ram and a NVidia 960m. Everything is fine until I play games, 1 out of 2 times it freezes whilst playing, sometimes 10 minutes into a game, sometimes 40 minutes into a game.... I check event viewer afterwards and it is always a...
  5. gordon_freeman

    Alienware 13 R3

    Looking at one of these, any real world experience from anyone here. I am particularly interested in the OLED screen. Let me know your thoughts.
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