1. Shashman

    Colour problem with Dell S3222DGM monitor

    Brand new, arrived yesterday. Every single shade of blue (literally typed "shades of blue" in Google) appears purple. I have tried Windows calibration. I have fiddled about with the monitor's hue, saturation and colour settings. Downloaded the latest driver. Nothing will make blues appear blue...
  2. Mallers

    Dell vs LG Ultrawide

    Hi, im looking at getting a 49in ultrawide to replace my current 2 x Dell 2715H. I like LG and Dell, for 2 reasons: 1) I dont like monitors with a pronounced curve - i admit a harder curve would probably be useful, but my desk isnt that deep, i need something flatter rather than curvier (quiet...
  3. markk

    Dell 15.6" laptop shell case

    I have a 2021 Inspiron 15.6" 5515 laptop and I'm looking for a protective shell case to stop it getting scratched at work but can't seem to find one for my model - does anyone know if all of the inspiron 15.6" laptops are in the same shell? Or any idea where to get one for my model?
  4. Ma7xrk

    Pico PSU, not compatible with Dell Bricks?

    Hi all, I have recently bought the parts to build an sff machine in a Lazer3D HT5 case. I have built in one of these cases before and it was absolutely great. The last time I built in the case I had no issue sourcing an hd plex 200w and a Dell 240W PA-9E Power Brick. The problem I am facing...
  5. Matt Goddard

    Dell Alienware Area-51m R2 Laptop

    It looks like my i9 machine with 32GB of ram and 4 x 512gb SSDs is finally coming! Long storey, been a bit of a nightmare and a wait. I know this has probably been discussed many times before (sorry about that) but i am looking at replacing two of the 512Mb SSD drives (3 and 4) with 2TB...
  6. chtyrone

    Dell motherboard replacement

    Folks I have a Dell pc with either a faulty motherboard and/or cpu. There's lot of stuff in there I'd like to put into another pc, so what I'd like is someone to recommend a motherboard/cpu which I can load the other components on. The pc is a Dell XPS 8930 Processor 8th generation Intel Core...
  7. Cadder

    Preparing a Server for the Next User

    Hi All, I have had my tower server for a few years. I bought it without a boot drive. I bought a 256GB SSD and installed Windows 10 on it and added a couple drives to complete the 4 storage disks, then configured the RAID (forget which). I backed up all the information on an external drive...
  8. Luiceur

    NH-L9i on Optiplex micro

    Does anyone know if I could fit just the cooler of a NH-L9i to replace the tiny fan included?
  9. Tysonator

    Break Away Cable

    Hi Guys, I am trying to find a Break Away Cable plug / adapter for my dell inspiron 5570 power cable. I have tried a google search and not much popped up ! Any one have any suggestions of some good plugs ? Many thanks T
  10. Phoenyx77

    Best Monitor Choice

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask this question on the off-chance some of you may be familiar with the monitors in question before I buy! I currently have a 24" 1920x1080 AOC IPS monitor. A medium-budget one ive had for 5yrs or so that's served me fairly well. I'm a hobbyist photographer and...
  11. nitrousx123

    Refurbish a Aurora R4 PC?

    Hi Guys my next door neighbour gave me his old Aurora R4 PC. It originally had: · I7-3820 · GTX 680 (Removed) · 16GB DDR3 (Removed) · Optical Drive (Removed) · AIO CPU Cooler But these items are no longer in the machine. He said that the GPU had stopped working. And the drive is missing it...
  12. Jexx

    Optiplex 7010 sff case swap / psu upgrade

    Hello, If I were getting a micro-atx case, would I be able to use a 550w montech beta power supply with all the parts from the Dell Optiplex 7010 sff? I'm not sure if it is incompatible with the motherboard or something. Thanks.
  13. MAJ1618

    Ram upgrade reccomendations please

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and I'm starting my journey to learn how to upgrade and replace system parts myself. The first thing is knowing what parts I can use, I have a DELL Inspiron 13 laptop and I'd like to upgrade the RAM to 16GB, so I'll need another 8GB card to fit the existing spare...
  14. Phixsator

    Freesync brightness flicker

    I would love to know if anyone have actually solved their Freesync brightness flicker plaguing the Va monitors out there, including the one i've got myself the Dell S3220DGF. In a desperation move i've ordered a 2m Accell DP 1.2 Vesa certified cable. However I have my doubts about it being able...
  15. mike_klg

    Dell Dock Station kills no-Dell monitors?

    Hello! The problem is serious, since it is not clear what is the matter. I say in advance: I bought all things in the secondary market, there is no guarantee. So I have a DELL LATITUDE E7450 laptop, I bought a DELL E-PORT PLUS docking station for it (by the way, officially my laptop is not...
  16. JohnLondon

    Help a clueless person :)

    Hi guys First off, not new to the forum or PC building in general. I've just let myself slip as A) I'm old and B) I've got a 2 year old son, so my focus is very much elsewhere (like trying to make sure he doesn't headbutt a sharp corner, or something!) As I've got virtually zero time, but...
  17. bigalxyz

    Finding Suitable Graphics Card for Pair of 30" Monitors

    Hi forum, I own a pair of old-ish Dell 30 inch monitors (a 3007 and a 3008). Both should go to 2560 x 1600 resolution but only with DVI-D I understand (no HDMI connection available). Also I only have a single PCI-E expansion slot inside my PC. Is there a cheap graphics card out there (new or...
  18. Quartz

    Why aren't the likes of Dell & HP competing in the Threadripper space?

    I find it interesting that the top tier of PC manufacturers simply aren't competing in this space. I expect the likes of OCUK are making money hand over fist. There must be a reason.
  19. kr236rk

    Dell Support Alternative?

    Hi, Was looking for a UK Dell Forum as an alternative to the other one. Recently my veteran XPS laptop went into auto-repair loop mode, so was unusable. Although I back up, there was stuff on the C drive I needed. Was desperate for help. Got none. I got told my laptop was out of warranty...
  20. ph2020

    Best monitor for X Plane/Ryzen 7 3700X/8GB RX 5700XT

    Hi all! I need a monitor for my new Ryzen 7 3700X/RX 5700XT PC and I have no idea which one to buy. I want to use it predominantly for X Plane 11, so I guess widescreen is preferred? What's the best monitor £400 can buy? Ideally 1440p (though not possible if widescreen?), 1ms, 144Hz, etc. I...
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