1. Quartz

    Vodafone gigafast and Draytek 2860 router

    Vodafone have been and installed gigafast. Yay! Vodafone’s router has not arrived. Boo! How do I configure my Draytek router to work with Vodafone’s fibre network? I have the username and password for PPTP and that hasn’t worked. I’ve tried a VLAN tag of 911 as suggested by the internet. That...
  2. Mason64

    draytek Vigor 2762 Vlan Help

    Hi and thanks for reading I not sure why as its worked on another routers before but i cant seem to get this draytek working with a vlan at home i want to have my home network on lan 1 and my office at home on i have set up the vlan like this I plug the...
  3. KPC

    Draytek LAN to LAN issues

    I have/am looking after... 2830n on FW (Company A) 2862n on FW (Company B site 1) 2820 on FW 3.7.3_232201 (Company B site 2) 2860 on FW (My home) 2865 on FW 4.2.3_BT (My next home) From home I have dial-out LAN to LAN configured from my 2860 to the...
  4. theFlash

    Router/Firewall for 300mbs FTTP

    Hi All, I have a location with a (Gigaclear) FTTP running at around 300mbps. They supply a modem, and a velop router. I want to replace the router with a better one, and perhaps use the velop as a wireless access point. I am used to Drayteks (2860 on FTTC lines), and like their built in...
  5. GamingSheep

    SKY Fiber + Draytek Vigor 130 + USG 3P Help?

    So i just decided to unifi my home using a draytek modem the vigor 130 i've set up all the unifi gear and got all that working using my ISP combo unit and now that i want to switch over to my new modem (Vigor 130) im a little stuck, For refrence im with SKY so i heard its abit trickey im also...
  6. Quartz

    BT Homehub 3: phone dead, Infinity not working.

    I've got an interesting little problem and I hope I can get some help from here before I call BT. My network runs off a Draytek 2860 VDSL router. I've had a couple of dropouts recently, just for a few seconds or so each time but sufficiently annoying for me to notice. I dug out my old BT...
  7. Mason64

    Vlan Question with draytek 2860

    Hi Just set up a Vlan using my draytek 2860 using the following setup network network I cant ping devices from one network to another which is what i want but if am on the network i can still view the router via and can ping it. Is that normal? Thanks
  8. Quartz

    Draytek Vigor 2860 upgrade PSA

    There's a new firmware update (3.88) available to fix the latest vulnerability. Unfortunately, if you check for updates within the router, it will list four, none of which work with BT Infinity. You need to go to the UK website and download the BT update. Yes, I did find this out the hard way.
  9. BenDoro

    Draytek/sky router query

    My current internet provider is sky broadband (uk) and i have purchased a draytek router which i am wanting to use instead of the standard issue sky modem. I have very little network knowledge and i just wanted to know if it possible to use the draytek router instead of the sky modem or if i...
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