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  2. theChunkyBoy

    Help - ASUS Prime Z490-A Problem - Ethernet Port Driver Not Working

    I've had this problem since I replaced my old mobo with this new one. I would have to either disable/enable the Ethernet port, or reinstall the Ethernet drivers for it to recognize the connection. I tried reinstalling Windows 10 Pro, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, and I've...
  3. Daznatior

    Issue with my RX 580 8gb GPU

    Hi I am just posting this as i dont normally complain i can normally troubleshoot my issues quite well but today after almost 8 months since my purchase of my gaming rig my rx580 gpu randomly started its fans and they spun up to 100% and my screen went black and ever since this has happened i...
  4. JaffaCakeGaming

    No network adapters

    So I’ve just done putting together a pc for my brother. Everything was fine and it turned on first try, we used his SSD from his old computer. The problem is is that it won’t connect with a wired Ethernet connection, there is no network adaptor listed in device manager and attempting to...
  5. Andrei Munteanu

    Monitor has no signal after installing GPU driver. GTX 1660 super OC 6G

    Hi, I think I will go crazy with this. So, I have an old desktop pc: Asus M4N68T 8G DDR3 1333, AMD Phenom II x2 550 Callisto 3.1 GHz CIT 850UB 850W Gigabyte GTS 450 (old) Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC 6G (New) Win 10. So my old GPU died and as I want to build a new system I wanted to start with...
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