1. Quartz

    The improvement in ray-tracing in the past 2 years

    JayzTwoCents has an illuminating video showing that ray-tracing has turned from a demo into something very usable. Skip the build bit and jump to 6:20 for ray-tracing performance in Minecraft, Battlefield 5, and Control. (TLDW: he now gets well over 60 fps with DXR.) This bodes well for...
  2. Illuminist

    Radeon Adrenaline drivers have had DXR capable drivers since July

    I always suspected this and told people that my suspicion was that Nvidia and Microsoft made a deal to push RTX hardware based raytracing for a certain time peroid although the amd cards where equally capable like the 1080ti and 1080 can do. And that agreement is running out, but nvidia already...
  3. Illuminist

    Ray tracing re-shader for any gpu and game

    So there is a path tracing reshader being worked on by the same person that coded ansel and the filters that you see in the nvidia overlay for gforce experience. It works on any game that is not dx12 or vulcan currently and although not as complex as dxr, it has similar results and...
  4. G

    RTX + DXR Update / Demos Question

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