1. ltron

    Really Strange Corsair MP510 NVME SSD Stability and Write Issues

    This Corsair MP510 NVME drive (960GB version) has been working flawlessly until very recently. I noticed Control was stuttering a bit more than usual so I ran Crystal Disk Mark and the PC BSODed but there was no code because the dump could not be written due to an I/O error. Now pretty much...
  2. philo-sofa

    System won't POST with four sticks of RAM

    Hi all, my new build has started refusing to work using four DIMMs. After working perfectly for ~2 weeks *boom* come Friday she simply wouldn’t POST. The Debug LED initially showed a CPU error, after clearing CMOS this changed to a memory error. Removing any one or two sticks of RAM allows the...
  3. Jackhodge998

    DDC 3.2 Pwm pump to D5

    So as of a few days ago my DDC pump has died, I am looking at buying a d5 pump to replace it.. If there a way of swapping from the DDC to the d5 without purchasing a whole new pump/res combo? Thanks!
  4. samuelandrewsmyth

    AMD 2700x 'Silicon Lottery' lost?

    Hi Guys, I've just got myself a Ryzen 7 2700x with a Aorus X570 AORUS ELITE. i'm using Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 to cool the CPU. Full spec below. Currently i cannot overclock it past 4.05ghz, even at base clock it wont go pass 4.05 with turbo enabled. I have my Vcore set at 4.1V, i'm...
  5. peanutismint

    SanDisk Ultra II SSD failed. What are my options to try and access data??

    One of my SSDs that holds my MacOS install on my PC has seemingly failed without warning. It was 4 years old (just over the 3 year warranty, well played SanDisk...). It now doesn't appear in Windows on the same machine or even in BIOS, but it does appear in EaseUS backup software...
  6. GamingReviews

    [SOLVED] Dxtory FAILS to record after Windows 10 Anniversary update (CapProcesserDX9)

    [SOLVED]: You need to DISABLE 'Multi Device Processing' in order for Dxtory to work. I mistook this option for using multiple cores, but instead all the CPU cores for use are listed on the right side, which now functions as the 'use multicore threading'. Hello, I bought a brand new PC, with...
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