1. MrFunko

    ASUS 3080 TUF GAMING OC - Full power draw and Instability at Stock

    So after being in a queue since the beginning of October I finally received my 3080 2 weeks ago. Since doing a clean install of windows and running everything at stock. I found the performance not being to the standard it should be. I was getting quite low FPS in games where easily I should be...
  2. John Newman

    Not achieving 867 Mbps in link speed

    Hi, I have recently upgraded my wireless card and been monitoring the wireless speed. Don't get me wrong it is a significant upgrade in terms of performance and speed over my previous card which was a Intel 1030n. The problem is, shouldnt I be getting 867 Mbps as I am unable to reach over most...
  3. Skankie

    Apps & Features Taking all my SSD Space, Confused!

    Hi All, My work PC was only built a couple of months ago, with a Samsung EVO 500gb SSD. I was sure to put all my work files and set download folders to the HDD, with the only things on the SSD being software such as Thunderbird, Chrome, etc. Windows alerted me to my surprise that my memory...
  4. jwilliamson47

    Would a full size or TKL Be a Better Choice For Someone with Poor Eyesight?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a new high-end mechanical keyboard, probably the IKBC F108 or F87. The problem is I'm still torn between the TKL and full-size layout. Unfortunately, typing has become more difficult in recent years due to my eyesight and I tend to make regular typos on the left...
  5. pete_agreatguy

    Full/Quick Format new backup drive?

    Sort of found my answer here: https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/full-format-or-quick-format.18032416/ However, I need some extra advice. I bought a new HGST Deskstar 8TB hard drive for use as a media backup drive. Should I do either A or B below: A) Full Format (GPT Partition) or...
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