1. kakarott

    **Samsung Galaxy S21 Series**

    Samsung Galaxy S21 - Glastic back - 6.2” FHD+ Adaptive 48 - 120Hz - 1300 nit - Eye comfort shield - 12MP UW F2.2 + 12MP DP F1.8 Main + 64MP F2.0 Tele OIS +1 0MP DP F2.2 FF - 12bit RAW - Exynos 2100 - 4000 mAh - 8GB/128GB £769 No microSD support
  2. mrk

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Family Thread ****

    Think given the announcement is a mere 9 weeks away a thread is warranted, plus with today's juicy camera news along with other news about the S11 in recent days... The Samsung cat of leaks today posted that the camera sensor on the S11 will be a Samsung exclusive, this ties in with the rumour...
  3. Gibbo


    Hi there It has taken some time for KFA2 to be able to supply Europe/UK simply due to high levels of demand in their primary market (China), but as things get better we have managed to grab some stock, including the very elusive HOF cards, which I feel are the sexiest graphics cards on the...
  4. Gibbo

    ** COUPLE OF VERY NICE KFA2 DEALS ON 1060 & 1070!!!

    Hi there The 1060's have just arrived and the 1070's are due next week, they are both OC models and quite nice cards, also at the UK's lowest pricing, the 1070 by a good distance: KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 OC 6144MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card @ £239.99 inc VAT 60NRH7DSL90K, Core...
  5. jas72

    Help please cannot connect S6 to any windows PC Unrecognised device error

    Hi all, My son got a S8 for Christmas and I'm trying to sell his S6 but before selling I'd like to get the photos and videos off it. When I plug it in I get the following error message USB device not recognized I have tried installing the samsung USB drivers for windows 10 I have entered...
  6. FishLicker

    Pixel C / Tab S3 / Z4 Tablet or Windows 10 2-in-1

    Alright OCers, I'm after a sofa surfer. Must have a nice screen, be fast, decent battery life, good keyboard and touchpad if present. Gaming ability nice to have but not essential. So I've just moved out from a flat into a large house with the Mrs. I have a nice desktop gaming rig in my own...
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