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  1. BlueLipBill

    Time to rebuild? Or do I need a complete new system? Help needed

    So I built my current machine back in 2017 and well I think it might just about be done in terms of running any new AAA titles at a good graphics quality. Due to a lot of my friends owning consoles I have regrettably turned my back on my gaming pc and have been gaming a lot on my console over the...
  2. Ugniusk

    Higher Spec PC for Design & Gaming - Moving from Apple

    Hello everyone! Firstly I'd like to start off by saying that I am a complete amateur when it comes to PCs and the last one I had was around 20 years ago, so every bit of detail and information provided to me will be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. So here's the gig, I'm a Head of...
  3. Dry_Roasted

    New Build Time (Gaming Monster Advice)

    Hi everyone. im looking for some advice, its been a long time since i last built a pc, coming from an Ivy Bridge 3770k I have a healthy budget and want to build a monster gaming PC i have no interest in RGB but im not against it. I want a gaming PC to last me as long as my ivybridge has. I...
  4. ireallyambob

    Help needed - first build with 13yo son

    Hi all, I’ve not built a PC in 15 years and out of touch with PC gaming now as moved to console a while back- I got obsessive with needing the best unit and couldn’t afford to keep up. Onto now, my 13yo son is wanting to get a entry PC gaming set up. Initially for as little outlay as possible...
  5. Chris Georgiou

    Help putting together a £1500 gaming build

    Hey guys, just looking for some ideas of you experienced lot, looking to build my second gaming setup, got a budget of £1500 for the build on itself won’t mind pushing couple £100 if I have to, we will see what you guys come up with.. I won’t be ordering parts untill late September so I...
  6. Alex34

    Build or upgrade for FPS titles??

    Hi all. I'm currently a console gamer, PS5, and have been so forever. However, there are a few FPS titles I cannot get on console that I'm dying to play, Squad, Escape From Tarkov, BattleBit, etc. We currently have one PC in the house which is my wife's photo editing PC and I wanted some...
  7. DStall

    Gaming and Content

    Hello folks, New to building PCs. Quickly out of my depth. I built one last year - but I'm getting fatal hardware errors and I am going to replace the case and motherboard (from what I have read I'm pretty confident it's the motherboard). I was hoping on some general advice on a setup for...
  8. bot

    need help finding my first gaming/ streaming pc

    Hi guys, I'm new to the pc gaming community and want to build or buy my first gaming pc which could stream as well. I'm a pretty broke student so I can only spend around like £1300 or less on it. I wanna be able to play new games (like gtav or cod etc) and stream at 1080p if that's even...
  9. Phillipe

    Need HELP!

    I’m looking for a gaming pc and I play competitively so I was looking for a build that can run Warzone and most FPS games at 200+fps on 1440p and above and escape from tarkov. Also play gta, ark, and rust. My budget is around $5-$7k
  10. OllyCS

    Underperforming GPU?

    Hi All, I am very new to the whole PC spec thing but decided to build my own PC dedicated to editing 4k footage as my laptop was not cutting it. I looked at the specs required for the software I am using (Davinci Resolve 17) here before buying...
  11. otemu

    Gaming PC £1000, my son come up with this spec, need advice

    Hi All, Hope everyone well in these Covid times. Community always helpful with my PC builds, so was hoping you could do the same for my son 12 years old. My son put together this spec (from another site) for playing Fornite, Rocket League, Minecraft and school work: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6...
  12. Daniel Mahaffey

    PC Upgrade

    My PC was built by a friend over 10 years ago, I’m frustrated with trying to get a PS5 so I’m looking at upgrading my PC. I barely know anything about my PC but to save money I’d like reuse some of current parts to try and save some money, if that’s possible. I play COD: Cold War and Warzone...
  13. Yidtings

    1st time gaming pc build help

    Could really do with some help.... I am building a gaming pc for the first time and I know parts are hard to get at the moment but need help deciding what are the best components to play sports games ie F1 2020, Fifa 21, NBA, Pes 2021 etc on the best settings possible and using a load of mods...
  14. ItsMeS.C

    Gaming PC- No idea where to start

    Hi It's my boyfriends 30th birthday this year and I really want to get him a really good gaming pc. I have no idea where to start. I have no idea what to look for and I'm hoping someone would like to help. Is there certain thinks I need to look for/understand? What brands are best? He...
  15. bozzer31

    Upgrading to my first Nvme PCi 4.0 SSD!

    Hi Guys, new to Overlockers and I'm here with a new/still building Rig setup, currently upgrading day by day with parts from my old setup and slowly getting through the rubbish! haven't built a PC in about 8 years so bare with me!:cool::confused: My Current Rig Is: CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X...
  16. Bop448

    Newbie help with a build!

    Hey all, new here! I use to play WoW years ago on a gaming pc but my bro sorted me out and I really don’t have a clue about them so any help would be greatly appreciated. So I’m after a budget build around £500, I will be mainly editing my photography in Lightroom but would like the ability to...
  17. BobRoss19

    Newbie wanting to build first gaming pc £1500

    Hey hope someone sees this message. I'm looking to buy and build my first gaming pc, I have no knowledge on pc's so looking for advice. I have a budget of around £1500-£1700 ish and thought with black friday and cyber Monday, nows the best time. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. Liamn19

    New Gaming PC

    I have recently started to gather parts for a new gaming PC and I'm needing some help making sure the parts I have down are the best that I can get for my budget. Its a 1K budget but I already have a graphics card and a PSU. This is my very first time trying to build a PC so I have very little...
  19. razorclamm

    Component Upgrade Advice

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a little advice regarding hardware upgrades; my current setup is as follows: Mainboard: ASUS ROG Maximus VI Extreme CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k @ 3.5GHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 GPU: ROG STRIX GTX 970 I'm looking at investing in some new components, mainly the GPU, as I've...
  20. Ama112

    Looking to buy a Gaming Pc

    Hi All im currently looking to buy a Gaming pc and looking for some help. I want to use it to play games like call of duty, Valorant and all these types of games. I want it to be able to run at like 140fps if possible and a monitor with 144HZ as a minimum. was wondering if any recommendation...
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