1. CapitalOne

    *** Holidays & Travels 2023 Thread ***

    I cannot believe there isn't a thread. As Covid restrictions become "normal business" and faffing about has reduced we've started to resume our travel addiction as I am sure many of you have or are about to this year. Where goest thou this year OCUK??? I wish you all happy and fulfilling...
  2. Deleted member 77746

    A new boy was born - OCUK Teddy Travels (2020)

    THE STORY A long time ago a very brave adventurer, who went by the name of "Teddy" (that some of you will remember) made their way into the OcUK Community... Teddy had a great life and had visited some of the greatest places on earth.... Sadly in 2010 Teddy had passed away with an adventurer...
  3. jakedude182

    Cargo ship holiday trip

    Hi i'm posting for a friend who is looking at travelling to save money to arrive at a location to then have a holiday.. link His message to me: My first thought is it might be a bit boring. Has anyone been on a cargo ship holiday before? :D
  4. Tysonator

    Travel Buddies

    Hi, I am hoping to book some holidays next year in Europe, and when like to know what are the best travel buddy web sites. As I was hoping to travel either with one like minded travel companion or small group ? many thanks T
  5. Tysonator

    Duty Free Ryan Air

    Hi, I am travelling to a non EU via Ryan Air with cabin luggage only, so if I purchase any duty free ( spirits of course ! ) on my out ward bound flight. As I have no hold luggage the Duty Free purchase from the London airport will not make through security of the non EU airport ( for being...
  6. Gibbo

    Good website for renting a Villa in EU or Villa Holiday.

    Hi there Couple of years ago I stayed in a couple of incredible Villa's in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui, one was called the "The View" and it was appropriate named. Now I normally leave booking of holidays to someone else, but next year is my turn and I need a Villa ideally that...
  7. willhub

    Spec me a cheapo holiday

    Well, first off, shout in the foot, between the 9th and 18th April, right on the bank holiday, flights are sky high. I Keep thinking ok mahbe a getaway for 2 to 4 days in the UK, but train prices are as high as flight prices. Not into hostels, must have a bathroom in the room. I am open to...
  8. tombrr

    Short holiday break ideas for wifes 30th birthday

    Hey everyone, I'm just after some help getting ideas for locations to treat the missus for her 30th birthday coming up at the end of April. I am really bad at planning this kind of thing, it's usually the other half sorting this sort of thing out but she has suggested that she would like to...
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