1. Quartz

    Why are gaming monitors such poor USB hubs?

    Gaming monitors need more USB ports. Quite often monitors have USB hubs integrated, with 2 - 4 ports. That's fine for office use where you will have your keyboard, mouse, webcam, and mobile device connected, but gamers are a different matter. We need more. I have a soundbar, headset, microphone...
  2. charltonfan1

    Issue where keyboard gets stuuuuuuuuuuck only if connected via USB hub

    Logitech keyboard (K280e) 3 years old been working fine since day 1 had recently started having sticky keys. Cleaned it and didnt make a difference so just before i accept delivery of a replacement i tested plugging it directly into my laptop rather than via my Amazonbasics USB3.0 Hub and it...
  3. jpknz

    USB Docking Station

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of help/pointing in the right direction for a USB hub with the following specs Output Ports 1 x Gigabit Ethernet 1 x USB C (charging) 2 x displayport 3+ USB Type A (preferably at least 1 charging - but not essential, others can be data only) Audio out (not essential -...
  4. Jthomson485

    How to connect RGB fans?

    Hey, I'm completely new to building a computer. But seeing as how I'm not likely to do this very often, I thought I would go fairly all out with all the fancy lights and water cooling. I've been doing lots of reading a watching lots of tutorials on how to do most of the things. I've got a quick...
  5. atkuzmanov

    Home USB 3.0 hub recommendations needed

    Hi there forum fellows, First of all let me thank you for the wonderful forum, so grateful to everyone involved! I am looking for recommendations for a USB 3.0 hub, one with 7-10 usb ports. It has to work with a Macbook pro Retina without interfering with it's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as most of...
  6. enxaa

    Acer XR342CK USB 3.0 Hub?

    Hi, Just bought the Acer XR342CK and was wondering how to use the USB 3.0 hub on the back of the monitor? It came with a USB-C to USB-C cable which I have connected to the USB-C Port on my Rear I/O, but that doesn't work, as no peripheral connects/can be found. ..And it's not like that is...
  7. killaklik

    Phanteks PWM Hub Question

    Hi guys, I've just had delivery of and at the same time I got some fans, It turns out the fan headers / connectors are all 4pin rather than 3pin, about 5 years ago all the fans I purchased were 3 pin so I was surprised to...
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