How to connect RGB fans?

31 May 2018
Hey, I'm completely new to building a computer. But seeing as how I'm not likely to do this very often, I thought I would go fairly all out with all the fancy lights and water cooling. I've been doing lots of reading a watching lots of tutorials on how to do most of the things.
I've got a quick question just about how to connect multiple RGB fans, as I'm a little confused seeing as there seems to be lots of different RGB headers and proprietary connectors. I bought some EK Vardar RGB fans as they seemed decent, they were 25% off and it said they were Aura Sync compatible. I bought 7 of them as I plan on having 2 radiators and using one for an exhaust fan. They have two separate wires for the fan header and the RGB header. I've got an Asus Prime X299-Deluxe motherboard, which using the included fan extension board has enough fan headers for everything i'll be using.
The motherboard only has a single 12V RGB header and one 5V addressable RGB header. The fans are stated to be "RGB connector classic 4 pin (12+ R G B)" plus I will have my monoblock and my GPU cooler which will both have RGB too. I hoping to have everything connected to the motherboard so I can use the Aura Sync to control everything.
My current plan is to buy an XSPC 8-way 12V RGB hub, and connect everything to that with potentially a 2 way splitter to have enough headers for the 9 RGB parts. My question is just whether this will work for what I want? If this will connect everything ok, and I can use the Aura Sync, can I control each component separately, with different colours for each fan? Sorry if this has an answer somewhere but I'm struggling to find exactly what I need. Thanks
7 Feb 2017
Vardar fans are ok - RGB ones are news to me!

As you've probably guessed, the 12+ R G B will only work on the single 12V RGB header.

The hub is a multiplier - it will send the same signal to all connected devices - you can't control each component separately.
28 Dec 2017
There are two main types of RGB control - the traditional 12V, R, G, B 4-pin connection. This can set a single colour (by blending levels of the three colours) for the entire connector, no matter how many LEDs / devices are connected to it. So with 12/R/G/B fans you would have one colour for the whole system unless you have a controller that has multiple configurable outputs.

More recently there is the addressable LED system. This has a data bus that transfers information along the cable which can configure each section individually - giving colour fades, regions etc. I think this is usually over a 6-pin connection.
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