1. Nicholas_

    Need advice on a build - £2000 is it worth waiting?

    In a nutshell, I would like to build a PC using £2000 budget. however hearing about the Intel 8-core soon to be dropped in October. Is it worth the wait in terms of budget friendly builds? or am I better off just going with a intel i7-8770k build. Though I'm going to be mainly making a Gaming...
  2. Engagepay


    Dear members, I am building a new PC and I have an Intel i7-8700k and ASUS ROG Maximus Hero X board. I was hoping to purchase GSkill for the RGB lighting and found the following on OC's website...
  3. SledDriver

    Delidded 8700K @5Ghz @ 72-78degC Max under Prime95 @1.424V - good idea?

    Just got a new delidded i7-8700K from 8-Pack and it's very impressive. Running stable at 5GHz idle and 4.7GHz under Prime95, showing 1.424V idle and 1.280V vCore running Prime95 Max heat test and core temps sit between 72 and 78 degC after 1 hour. Seems totally stable. Mobo is Asus Prime Z370-A...
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