1. Quartz

    USB power: when in doubt, blame Microsoft

    I was looking through Device Manager and idly decided to check the USB settings and I found that on every device and hub possible, some recent Windows update had re-enabled power saving. Specifically, the 'Turn off to save power' setting on the Power Management tab. On every device and hub...
  2. Mansnake

    OneDrive and RDS (remote desktop services)

    Hi all, Hope someone can help me. We have a RDS infrastructure running on server 2016 and what i am trying to achieve is when an RDS user logs into a session, it passes their windows credentials they just logged on with to map their OneDrive folder to the session. I am currently looking into...
  3. Quartz

    Is Intel making a play for the console market with Arc?

    The next generation of consoles - not the refreshes - are expected around 2027. So far AMD have provided both CPU and GPU to both Sony and Microsoft, to their considerable profit. But by that time Intel will have had 3 generations of Arc under its belt. That will have given them a track record...
  4. Mansnake

    Running a powershell script on a local machine that needs to manipulate files on a remote machine

    Hi everyone, I need some assistance with an issue I have. I need to run a script on a local machine to connect to a remote machine to search a directory for a folder and delete the folder. I'm using the following command to connect to the remote computer: - $PShostSession =...
  5. Cadder

    Removing SharePoint Directory/Account From Windows Explorer

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me remove a SharePoint folder structure from my Windows Explorer. It's a location used for a contract with a client last year, logged into an account made by said client. The account is no longer active. This is what I see with all collapsed in the left...
  6. kakarott

    *** Surface Duo 2 ***

    What do you guys think? Surface Duo 2 -Dual 90Hz Fusion Displays (8.3" Across) -Triple Camera 16MP Ultra-wide 12MP Primary OIS 12MP Telephoto OIS -Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G -Thinnest 5G Device -Improved Hinge Mechanism -Pen Support -Glance Bar #MicrosoftEvent
  7. Quartz

    Microsoft Authenticator not syncing across devices

    I've just got my new iPad, updated it, and have installed Microsoft Authenticator. I've put in the same credentials as on my phone but none of the accounts have been copied over. I want to be able to use both my iPad and my phone as 2FA devices, especially as I may be reformatting my phone...
  8. Quartz

    Microsoft buys Zenimax and Bethesda

    Story here
  9. Quartz

    Nvidia should copy Microsoft and offer hire-purchase

    With the next generation of consoles Microsoft is offering a hire-purchase deal. Pay a small monthly payment - effectively 0% APR too - for two years. With GPUs costing the same (give or take) as consoles, offering this sort of deal would nullify the price advantage of consoles.
  10. ShotInTheAss86

    Office 365 application deployment

    I've setup a GPO to push out O365 apps as a replacement for Office 2016 using the deployment tool/config xml. The install is configured to run as a shared license rather than be specifically assigned to any 1 user in the business. From what I've read on this it checks the user signed in has a...
  11. Danny75

    Those who like Skype Classic or some features not available in the new version, vote or comment here Microsoft has extended the life of Skype Classic due to popular demand but only for "some time" whatever that is...
  12. NikTheSHNIK


    The classic mouse is back and better than before. You all know the intellimouse so I won't waste my breath explaining the history of this PC tech legend. You can still pick up the originals if you want to drop $140 in the American jungle. I have no more details than what is available from the...
  13. sdev2017

    Please help decide. Is the new Microsoft surface good for programmers?

    Hi, hope you guys can help me out. I am a computer science student and need a new laptop for university and my freelacing work. Need a general use laptop but mainly would be for programming and some photoshop work as I am hobbist digital artist. I don’t game. I'm between the Surface Laptop (i7...
  14. AHarvey

    500 error - editing excel online

    Hi all, We've a spreadsheet that is used by 3 or 4 people in the company, constant issues with 500 errors popping up. Clearing cache and cookies, opening in a new tab seems to be the only way to deal with the problem but it's not always a 100% fix. They do edit at the same time, all in the...
  15. Joebob

    Anyone teach/train MS Project?

    I am a sixth form teacher and I am soon to be teaching my year 12 & 13 students MS Project 2010 (something I have done lots of in my previous life as an IT trainer). Anyway, time is limited and I need to get together some scenario's which they can put into MS Project themselves. I have scoured...
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