1. slipd

    5700x fan curve / temps question

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a sensible fan curve for my rig but I'm finding a bit of a bind - not helped by the fact that I always end up starting a fresh every time I update my bios. Spec in sig. I just want something quiet but effective when idle/doing light work and then something more...
  2. Bern7

    Slow speed from USB-C 3.2 on external SSD on the MSI Z16 HX Studio Laptop (A13VGTA)

    I've just purchased this laptop for video editing. I work from an external SSD which I use on my PC and other laptops. When I tried to open and run my video files the read speed of the USB-C is too slow to read the video files. I ran a speed check on CrystalDiskMark and the read speed was max...
  3. PappeszHU

    MSI MAG Z490 + Intel arc I7-11700F + Intel Arc A770 compatible and works properly?

    Hello! I have built a new machine in which the msi b560pro-e motherboard gen1-2 pcie speeden only boots my intel arc 770 gpu. If I set it to higher, the video card will not start.(gen3-4 pcie,and auto function) from this I conclude that the motherboard is not good. In your opinion, is a new Msi...
  4. Nelly

    AMD AM5 - New Motherboard Releases for 2024

    Current List - I'll do my best yo update as and when. If you find any, please feel free to post below and I will add links to this original post. ASRock B650 Steel Legend WiFi [ATX] Link: Steel Legend WiFi/index.asp BIOSTAR B650MT-E PRO [Micro ATX] Link...
  5. Quartz

    Poor manufacturing on MSI RTX 4090

    DOA card caused by oxidised pads.
  6. Airmati

    Need help with my first ever PC - What 4090 to buy?

    So I'm building a very powerful PC that's set to take me through university I'm building a very high PC with a 7950X Ryzen CPU, 64GB RAM and a 4090. However, I do not know what 4090 to get. I keep reading reviews online and I see MANY different opinions. These are the 4 I'm interested in...
  7. Quartz

    MSI have a RTX 4090 with a blower cooler If I didn't already have a 4090 I'd be very interested in this as they work very well in vertical configurations, as in my Silverstone FT05 case.
  8. Nelly

    Motherboard Manufacturer - Useful Links

    Website | Discord | Facebook | Forum | Instagram | Reddit | YouTube | Website | Discord | Facebook | Forum | Instagram | Reddit | YouTube | Website | Discord | Facebook | Forum | Instagram | Reddit | YouTube | EVGA Website | Discord | Facebook | Forum | Instagram | Reddit | YouTube |...
  9. Divergence

    Fighting high temperatures on my MSI Raider GE66

    Hi folks! I've bought MSI Raider GE66 with the following specs: I9-12900HK, 32 GB DDR5 RAM, RTX 3080 Ti My problem is the laptop CPU goes to 100 C almost immediately on heavy tasks by default. Ofc after that it throttles. This is my first so powerful gaming laptop. I had ASUS Vivo book before...
  10. reidy89


    Hi, so I've had my pc for a little while. Constant problems with my argb stuff ( yes, it's full of rgb puke). I have the rog b550-f none wifi. I have msi 240 cooler, set of fans from pc world 8 fans running off their hub. The problem is when all connected, I have problems with the argb where 1...
  11. kloudy

    Sub £2000 Gaming Rig - help/advice wanted

    Hello! I've had pre-built gaming PCs in the past but I'm planning to build my own rig for the first time. I already have a pretty good idea of what I want based on the following criteria: total cost less than or equal to £2000 (I already have monitors etc so 2k all for the rig) pure gaming...
  12. Rav106

    MSI G274QPF-QD

    Hi everyone, Can I get information somewhere deciphering the last 3 letters in this model? what does QPF mean and what is the difference between QRF? Is it possible to say that the G274QPF-QD is probably a refresh of the famous MAG274QRF-QD , which is rumored to be discontinued and the 2022...
  13. qbazdz

    MSI warranties

    Hi, I don't know how long this policy had been in place, but MSI currently require you to deal with your place of purchase to handle for example motherboard warranty. Anyone has any experience with gifts or 2nd hand purchase where you don't know where the original item was obtained? Or is it...
  14. qbazdz

    MSI PRO Z690-A dimensions needed

    Hi, Any owners of the MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI DDR4 or the equivalent DDR5 or non WiFi variants? I would to check if with my current case and the thick rad at the top I won't have a fluster **** ;) against the cpu socket surranding heatsink.. Anyone able to measure out a few things for me please...
  15. James08V

    Monitor in the msi motherboard

    Hello everyone, does anyone know how (if it is possible) to connect a second monitor in the msi A320M-A PRO MAX motherboard, cause i have been searching and there was no clue. Thank you
  16. nikomnht

    Is this computer enough?

    Hi, I'm going to build myself a computer. And I wonder if this specification is enough for streaming games such as: CS GO Valorant Diablo3 Links removed I am asking for advice if I could improve something for something cheaper. thank, Niko
  17. novahshark

    Adding a gpu.

    Hi guys, I'm having a hard time seeing how to add a gpu to my brother's current build. The metal won't slot out and I'm unsure which cable to use, the gpu has an 8 pin slot. Thanks
  18. E__A

    Advice needed on MSI Raider Series

    Hi there, I'm looking to get a new laptop. I would like one with an RTX 3080 graphics card and 32GB RAM as I do a lot of 3D work and this is close to the spec. of my current laptop (which needs replacing as it only lasts 45 mins on battery and has multiple other problems making it impractical to...
  19. Chris Jerram

    CPU fan dead

    Hi guys I recently got a Katana GF66 11UE, had it for 2 months and fan 1 (left fan) is dead, not sure if the bearings have gone but its stuttering (same stutter when stepper motors die) its refusing to spin. Turned the machine off for 5h hoping that a cold boot would fix it but no luck, checked...
  20. techmob

    New build alderlake - airflow

    Hi all I have opted for an alder lake upgrade mainly due to video editing but also my son games on it. I do have some existing equipment to make use off but basic run down below. Few queries I have in terms of air flow , case fans to buy. I don’t have any case fans on my list yet and wanting to...
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