1. ssmacc

    Onkyo TX-NR656. Crossover Frequency advice

    Hello, I've recently bought a Onkyo TX-NR656 AV Receiver and have the following speakers Tannoy HTS101, 5-1-speaker package After a little research the speakers have the following frequency's Sub cross over frequency 50Hz - 200Hz Subwoofer Output 100 Watts Satellite Sensitivity 87dB...
  2. jonnyc55

    BK XLS200-DF MK2 (sub) for a 4x4 meter room (1242 ft3), any good?

    Hi, I was going to buy the P12-300SB-DF but santa ain't got enough cash to spend on me. So it would have to be the BK XLS200-DF MK2. (http://www.bkelec.com/HiFi/Sub_Woofers/XLS200.htm) Now I would use it for music (rock, dance, EDM, electronic etc.), some films and lots of TV. Would this...
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