rx 590

  1. SniperSmithy

    Buyer advice, RX580 or RX590

    Just thought I'd ask here. Looking at a card for the wife to do some light gaming 1080p or *maybe* 1440p. Anyone using these here? Are they good enough for 1440p @ 45-60fps, on oldish games is the 590 worth an extra £20 over the 580 and anyone that does use one does it play well with ARK (she...
  2. Craig stout

    Is my Powercolour Rx590 too hot?

    I recently bought the citizen gaming pc from the overclockers website and and have noticed that my gpu is running quite hot. I have two 120mm case fans and the gpu is hitting 77 degrees celcius on Overwatch and up to 83 degrees celcius on The Witcher 3. Its also running pretty loud, my gpu fans...
  3. Reminio

    RX590 arrived but no Raise the Game codes??

    As the title says I just received my Sapphire Nitro+ RX 590 today but I have no Raise the Game codes (For RE2, DMCV, TD2) I'm not sure why I haven't got these codes and I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue.
  4. Nelly

    MSI still going to produce AMD Graphics Cards?

    Why haven't MSI released a press release for an RX 590 graphics card, are they going to produce one? Also MSI never released an Vega 56 / 64 custom cooled graphics cards, why? Also will MSI still manufacture AMD graphics cards going forward? MSI seem to be still releasing FreeSync monitors...
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