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  1. etame753

    SOLVED, THANK YOU - HELP! New case and AIO now PC won’t stay on

    Hi all, not a new PC gamer but definitely new to hardware upgrading! I got a new case (Corsair 4000D) and a Corsair 3 fan AIO cooler which I upgraded today. After plugging it all back in, I turned on the PC and within seconds the PC shutdown. I can’t get it to stay on and one of the times a...
  2. Graptik

    PC Shuts Down Randomly and Restarts

    So I built my system about 6 months ago and since then, it has been randomly shutting down and restarting about once a week. When I say shut down, think of if you just pulled the plug out of the wall - completely black screen and then reboot. This happens only at idle or when browsing the...
  3. Kenpachi2k

    3080TI Founders Edition unexpected shutdown issue

    After recieving my 3080TI Founders Edition, I have come across an issues when running the GPU at load (playing a game + streaming) my computer just unexpectedly shut down - 4 shut downs within the span of 2hrs, event viewer doesn't really help me as much as I don't understand what things are but...
  4. mike_klg

    Dell Dock Station kills no-Dell monitors?

    Hello! The problem is serious, since it is not clear what is the matter. I say in advance: I bought all things in the secondary market, there is no guarantee. So I have a DELL LATITUDE E7450 laptop, I bought a DELL E-PORT PLUS docking station for it (by the way, officially my laptop is not...
  5. Paul Kozinski

    USB 3.0 PCIe card Shut Down Issue

    Hi folks, Quick Q - recently bought a USB 3.0 PCIe Card (unpowered) and since installing my computer won't stay shut down. It shuts down but maybe a second later - reboots itself up! I've uninstalled the device and reinstalled - updated driver. It happens when nothing is plugged into the...
  6. Gingerweb

    ASROCK H310M-HBV wont power off

    This system has been working fine for a couple of months. Now after a secondary hard drive failure and removal of this drive, Win10 will shutdown but the power wont go off on the PC, it just leaves the fans running after shutdown and i have to hold the on button to turn it off. Windows 10 works...
  7. Ethan Rotherham

    Help! PC turning off when playing certain games

    Recently built a pc with the following spec: Motherboard- MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Case- Kolink Observatory Case PSU- Bitfenix Whisper M Series 650W 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply SSD- Samsung 500GB 860 EVO SSD GPU- Sapphire Radeon RX VEGA 56 Pulse 8GB HDD- WD 1TB Blue Internal Hard Drive...
  8. SemperFitz

    Pc not turning on

    Last night I cleaned my pc, ran scans etc and all good. Pc ran fine and replaced where it lives. This morning I turn on and the fans spin but shuts off after a few seconds, then powers on again, then powers off. Upon inspection the sys fan spins first time but then stays off. Any ideas? Tia
  9. caveman OCUK

    Windows won't shut down or restart properly

    I can boot in fine, but if I reset it goes to black screen and stays on, and if I shut down the screen goes black like its shutting down but all fans and lights and graphics card etc still stay on, iv already browsed Google for a fix but none have worked, I can't list them all as I forgot all...
  10. Mikeyg3004

    Self build shut down after 3-5 mins

    Hi, I built my pc a few years ago, and ever since building, the pc turns on, I log in, and after about 5 mins it restarts itself, going to a black screen that essentially says press alt + l to go back to the last good configuration. To bypass this I've always had to press delete to go to the...
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