Dell Dock Station kills no-Dell monitors?

21 Sep 2019
The problem is serious, since it is not clear what is the matter. I say in advance: I bought all things in the secondary market, there is no guarantee.
So I have a DELL LATITUDE E7450 laptop, I bought a DELL E-PORT PLUS docking station for it (by the way, officially my laptop is not supported as I understand it, but I thought that the only difference is in the port location and since everything works or worked, I don’t have any complaints caused).
Then I bought the first BENQ B2320HDB (et-0032t) monitor, in the beginning everything was fine, even a few films were watched. Then, slowly, the problem began to manifest itself: the monitor began to turn off periodically and then turned on, since I used the laptop as the main screen, at first I ignored these shutdowns. Now it has come to the point that the monitor turns off and turns on itself every few seconds, it is impossible to use.
Here is video from yesterday on YouTube:
Yesterday I bought two monitors to use two of them, forgetting about the old monitor and the laptop screen. But the problem started to torment me, according to which BENQ still shuts down, since I got another DVI cable with the purchase of monitors and was able to test the benq monitor that still worked on VGA, in general the problem did not go away.
But! Yesterday, strange shutdowns of one of the new monitors called iiyama ProLite B2483HS began. It was several times, after that I worked for several hours normally.
And today, right after turning it on (at that moment both the iiyama and another DELL monitor were connected via the DVI to the dock), the yiyama started to turn off and on continuously for a few second :shock::cry:, I disconnected everything from this dock immediately, I have now connected only iiyama via HDMI to the laptop and am writing this text, while everything seems to be ok ...
Until today, I thought that the first monitor was slipped to me idle, and now it turns out that the docking station was already nailed to me? It (benq) now turns on and off by itself, even without connecting a video cable, first the benq screensaver lights up and shows that there is no connection, and then everything with the LED goes out and a little later on repeats again.
Thank you in advance!

P.S. maybe what software is missing?
dock station:
monitor benq:
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