smart home

  1. Cadder

    Smart Home Setup For Dementia/Alzheimer's

    Hi all, A family member is struggling with Alzheimer's. We have a reasonably sized family and care has been good so far, but I'm interested in making it just that bit better if possible. For example, if there is a window where she is left alone, the smart home would answer questions, turn...
  2. Semple

    Home Assistant

    So, i know a few of you dabble with Home Assistant, and i've found myself recommending it frequently on the "how smart is your home thread". So i figured it would be worthwhile having a dedicated thread where we can discuss our HA setups, share what integrations we have, help on any...
  3. Peter Savage

    Looking for advice for Wireless Smart Switches

    So I have bought wireless smart switches with no neutral for all the plugs in the house and so far successfully managed to wire up and install wireless switches in every other room by adding a capacitor across live and neg of the light. I have now got a little confused and looking for advice I...
  4. Tintern21

    Drayton Wiser TRVs advice please

    Hiya I have a Combi boiler, no room thermostat or separate heating control just control rad on boiler switch with Drayton TRVs on each rad. Can I replace the TRVs with Drayton wiser TRVs without a hub and control with smart phone to avoid buying the whole kit. Many thanks from a newbie
  5. Sharif

    Hive home heating

    I have recently got this installed. My boiler is single zoned and i do not plan to change the hardware. I would like to use another thermostat to be able to control the temperature in the room amd turm the heating off using hive. Hive sales are not very helpful and i am sure with all these...
  6. dantanner

    NEST and Ideal boiler logic 15

    hi i am looking to fit the nest learning thermostat to the existing heating system. Boiler : Ideal logic heat 15 An opentherm wiring harness is available for later models but not this one. I am wondering if I can simply replace the existing thermostat with this Nest in the same place. Can...
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