1. rangor gubbins

    Checking status and cleaning second hand drive

    The IT department were throwing away an 8TB seagate iron wolf red nas drive today. So I asked if I could have it. It's manufacturing date is 2020, so not that old. Can someone remind me what (free) software is good for checking the drive status (e.g bad sectors etc.) and also wiping it.
  2. OnlyAlex

    Is MajorGeeks website safe to download from?

    Hi everyone, is MajorGeeks website safe to download from? I downloaded LatencyMon software from the following link: Many thanks.
  3. OnlyAlex

    Uninstalling and re-installing ASUS Armoury Crate

    Hi everyone, I have uninstalled and re-installed Armoury Crate numerous times on my Rog Strix since purchase using their official uninstaller and then re-installing it using the download link for my specific product on their product page. Reasons are mostly related to troubleshooting. Each time...
  4. distinctsamefellow

    What Spatial & Biometrics Software are you using for your VR apps?

    Hey everyone I came across Cognitive3D thanks to a talk from AWE 2023. I'm extremely curious about these new VR software that allow to track and replay user pathing as well as other biometrics. I'm pretty sure the are more out there and per the talk this one seems to care about privacy. But has...
  5. Hannibal Buress

    Any suggestion for educational platforms in physics

    Random question, but is there any site or platform in which my son could have some help with physics, like a gamming platform designed as a physics homework help, or physics help online for his classes in high school? I have been looking around an the most I find is something like tutoring, or...
  6. Cadder

    JAMVOX For Windows 10 - Text Unreadable

    Hi all, I have just installed JAMVOX for Windows 10 and for some reason the text is showing in something like Webdings/Wingdings and I can't really tell what's going on. I have uninstalled the software and then reinstalled all releases up to this version but the same issue persists. Has...
  7. lucid

    Software to create burnt-in subtitles

    Hello good folks, I'm after some guidance on suitable software to create burnt-in subtitles. I have been asked to have a look at some DVDs that were made for a small museum. They own the rights to the works so there's no issues with copyright. The films have no subtitles, but they'd like them...
  8. SuperSam 020790

    Anyone else find Zotac's Firestorm software buggy?

    I am fortunate enough to have a Zotac 3080 Trinity OC but it is my first time with any Zotac product having had a Gigabyte GPU Previously. Of late the software keeps locking me out of certain areas even things like the Spectra RGB settings, now within the last 3 days its needed 2 software...
  9. dave748

    Samsung Odyssey G9 - Firmware and advice

    First of all, this is NOT meant to be a bad review, it is just advice and help to get the best out of this product. If anything, aside from the small issues that are easily worked around with the info below, this is an amazing monitor that I highly recommend. So I recently received my new...
  10. JamesOfTheWeast

    Activating Windows 10 on new PC

    So as the title says, I have a query about activating Windows 10 on a new PC I am about to build. I have already created a boot USB that I will plug into my PC upon set up. What I am wondering about is activating Windows after that. My current PC has Windows 10 Home activated on it and when I...
  11. JaffaBoy

    Think I've decided on a Glorious GMMK Fullsize but blues out of stock... how long?

    Been researching for a new keyboard as my Ducky is ageing (bless) and thought I'd go for a Glorious GMMK fullsize. All the parts in stock at OCUK except the Blue Switches (Glorious PC Gaming Race Gateron Blue Switches - Tactile Clicky (120 pieces) Stock Code KB-00A-GR)... love me a loud clicky...
  12. GinGo

    Conflicting software(iCUE & AURA)

    Hello, Just realised i posted this in hardware by mistake so reposting it here instead. I'm looking to see if anyone may have run into the same issue as myself but basically I recently upgraded my build and since doing so have software to control the lights on my motherboard(Asus ROG Strix...
  13. Peter Rattey

    Asus Armoury Crate

    Hi guys - Just finished building my new PC from OC. Asus Hero XI, 9900 KS, Asus water cpu water cooler, and 1280 Ti. Running stable at 5.1. Have had real problems with Asus Software. Armoury Crate is installed directly by the Bios the first time you install Windows. It ran fine for a day...
  14. lucid

    Low-cost/free basic v. editing software with insert edit for YT vids @ 720p

    Hello gurus, I'm hoping to pick your collective brains on video editing software. I've got a couple of little projects to edit, and I'm perhaps 95% sorted with my editing needs with the incredibly basic Magix Fastcut editing s/w which I found preloaded on this Core i5-3210 2.5GHz W10 lappy with...
  15. truewraith

    Whats the best Anti Virus Software please to protect my house PCs?

    trying to work out which software i should buy thats actually good and not a load hype crap and that it will do what it says and protect my home pcs including mine of course ‍ im very grateful for any help or advice on this thanks
  16. JamesLucas

    Robocopy the changes only and long path name problem

    Using RoboCopy to copy files from windows server 2008 R2 to windows server 2012. The script copy files fine but is set to scan the source folder 10 times for files. The source is about 103vG of Files and Folders. we have daily about 1 G changes, The scanning task never seems to compete. it is...
  17. LillyBee

    Computer is stuttering on startup

    Hello, This is my first post, the issue isn't pressing as there is a temporary fix, but I'd still like to know what's going on and why I can't seem to fix it. At the beginning of the year I built a new PC, it's not ever 2 weeks old yet and I bought all components from Overclockers, however...
  18. Nathan Smithson

    Chance/downgraded 4g module firmware on HP tablet

    Hello I am trying to down grade the firmware on a LT4132 LTE/HSPA+ 4G module on a HP elite 2 tablet. Current version 12.617.23.00.11 this version no longer works with our VPN software after being updated we are trying everything to downgrade it to anything below this version. Updating the...
  19. rake55

    Help! Tried to reset PC & now is not working..

    My PC has been crashing a lot and I've been getting the Blue Screen of Death every time I use it. So I thought I would re-set it to clear it out for a fresh start. It's now been stuck on <this screen. No matter what option I choose, it brings me straight back to the same screen. It says it...
  20. Averyius

    Data recovery software for hard disks

    I recently used Rufus software to download W7 to a USB stick but during my attempts rufus chose my still connected external hard disk for formatting (I think?) and downloading to. I noticed that just as it was starting the procedure and stopped it. Have n´t a clue why it chose the Hard disk and...
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