1. Birdseed007

    My first ever custom gaming rig!

    I've been an Alienware fan for years but sadly my 6 yr old Aurora R6 has just died with suspected CPU or motherboard failure and so I've been forced to upgrade. I had two viable options at this point: 1. Buy another pre-built from Alienware etc or 2. Salvage the good stuff from the Alienware...
  2. FinalSquall

    £1800-£2000 Desktop

    Hey guys I am looking to build a new PC (toying with the idea of a gaming laptop also, but want to see my options on the desktop side) My requirements are; Intel CPU (Pref Air Cooling as I have not delved into liquid cooling setups) Nvidia RTX 3070Ti (Better if achievable, but this is my aim)...
  3. Tay

    Are these specs good?

    - Intel Core i9-11900K Processor - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Graphics - 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD (M.2 NVMe) - Windows 11 Home - Corsair 4000D Airflow Mid-Tower ATX Case - 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler, 4x 120mm Hyperloop ARGB Fans Are they good? High end?
  4. Alex Adamson

    Gaming laptop around £200-£300

    Hi, Overclockers! My brother wants a laptop for gaming (we'd otherwise get a PC but we currently don't have the space to easily set it up in the house), but doesn't have a huge budget; around 2-3 hundred quid (although if it's a little more expensive for a big relative performance upgrade that...
  5. Cadder

    PC Build - Under £700

    Hi all, So far I have the following PC at £1080, but need to get it under £700. Of course I expect performance to drop but I think this build is overspecced anyway. The goal is - to be able to play Factorio, Satisfactory and other similar titles. This spec far exceeds that. What would you...
  6. New2pc

    Best gaming laptop for under £1800

    I’m looking to get a gaming laptop maximum budget is £1800. Not too sure what the best specs to look for. This will be my first gaming laptop. Can anyone recommend any?
  7. alex_ncfc

    I want to upgrade my PC for no particular reason - advice :)

    As the thread title suggests, I have the urge to upgrade my PC. I think it's because of all what's going on with lockdowns etc which just means, kind of almost out of boredom, I fancy doing an upgrade. Trouble is, I am kind out so out of touch with tech these days that I don't know where to...
  8. rmonkey100

    £400-£600 PC for Video Editing mainly - spec needed

    Hi My father is looking for a new PC for mainly video editing and general browsing, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse etc are not required. Neither is a copy of windows. Just need the PC build itself. Can you help me out with best specs for Between £400-£600, maybe a spec up to £500 and one up to £600...
  9. joneill

    Laptop Recommendations

    I'm looking to replace my ancient laptop with something a bit nicer. I'm looking at something like a HP Envy 13 or possibly a custom build. The laptop is mostly used for web browsing and streaming but I want it to have enough grunt for the occasional bit of development in Java/Javascript/Python...
  10. andy1231239

    Photoshop PC spec - what do you think?

    Hi, My colleague uses Photoshop & InDesign and their current PC struggles with A3 or larger which is a problem, as he works with large files. Looking to get them a new PC and we have been offered the below quote. What do you think of the following spec? Compatible? Value for money? Case PCS...
  11. windheaven

    Please check this spec for 1440p gaming

    My basket at Overclockers UK: 1 x AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Eight Core 4.4GHz (Socket AM4) Processor - Retail= £299.99 1 x Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE (AMD AM4) DDR4 X570 Chipset ATX Motherboard= £209.99 1 x Team Group Xtreem "8Pack Edition" 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-32000C18 4000MHz Dual Channel Kit -...
  12. Matstar

    Best spec gaming pc for my needs

    Hi I’m looking to buy a gaming pc for my son and he wants to be able to play gta v with the lspdfr mod and plugins but iv noticed by other forums that the mod can take a much better pc to run than just gta as standard an you recommend the best spec for me please? My budget it’s around £1500...
  13. LuckyBenski

    Spec me: 4U rackmount setup for broadcast video

    Hi all, We're building a rig at work to handle generation of TV signals for testing. It's going to (eventually) decode 6-8 multiplexes from the broadcast feed, modify their contents and play them back out via a PCIe modulator card. The manufacturer of these cards has recommended as a guideline...
  14. deadpresidents4

    Upgrade from 4770k

    Hey upgrading from the following system I would like to go intel/rtx for my next system for 60 FPS gaming in ultra wide screen/1440p. No budget if you can fit in 2080ti at good value that would be good but don’t mind Prefer quieter smaller case
  15. Huttchy

    SPEC ME - Please

    Please spec me, I already have: :- 240GB SSD :- Windows 10 install I will require: :- Motherboard :- CPU :- CPU cooler :- RAM :- Power Supply :- GPU :- Case I have a £600 budget, good luck. Looking to play games like; WOW, CS:GO, League of Legends, etc. Thanks in advance.
  16. Chrisruptor

    Advice on gaming PC (to play Planet Coaster)

    I've got very little experience in computer hardware. However, I've been looking at buying my first gaming PC, specifically to play Planet Coaster and The Sims 4 on high settings (though the latter is far less demanding), potentially for Photoshop too. I'd also like it to be good for the next...
  17. Talasour

    Hard drive docking station

    Hi, I was doing a deep clean of my house today and found an old PC with two hard drives (1TB and 500GB) and really want to know what's on both and maybe format them again to use as storage. There's no need for these to be plugged into my current PC constantly so I was wondering if you could...
  18. JamesU2005

    Gaming Spec with Monitor for £1,400?

    Looking at putting together a gaming spec PC with monitor for £1,400. Can you recommend a decent spec? I already have Windows 10 license available for this build. Thanks for the help all :)
  19. JamesU2005

    Gaming PC for £600

    Been out of the PC building game for over 5 years now, so now have no idea what the best CPU or GFX Cards are anymore ;):p Can anyone spec me a budget Gaming PC for £600? Don't need a monitor at this stage. Would need everything included in the price i.e. heatsink, extra fans, case etc...
  20. Ðudeth

    Fan replacement - Need help - R9280x

    Hi all, its been a while since i was last stumped like this, thought i would turn to OCUK for help =) Cutting to the chase i have this card GV-R928XOC-3GD-GA (rev. 2.0) Always had high ish temps so fans were wound right up. They started to get rather noisy so i ordered replacements. could...
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