1. Gibbo


    Hi there OcUK is now doing a weekly video with all the latest technology news and offers etc. We started this in July and here are the first two videos from this month: There shall be a new video every week on the Overclockers UK YouTube video channel and I shall also update the thread...
  2. rjnicko_93

    My Complete Setup and Vintage Space

    Hi all, I decided to post a full setup shot with pictures of my collection. I'm a massive fan of collecting all sorts of gear, but mostly its old radios, telephones and cameras. I also love WWII Militara having use to be in a WWII Battle Re-enactment group where we portrayed 82 Airbourn 505th...
  3. Wesleylam31

    LiFi technology in VR?

    Hi everyone! Can you perhaps help me out? I am currently researching how LiFi technology can benefit virtual reality, and I am very curious about your view! Can you take a few minutes to fill in this survey? Thank you so much!
  4. Albacoder

    Looking for upgrade suggestions

    Hello folks! New to the forum but not to building rigs. It's time for an upgrade and I'm looking for some input. I've not really kept up with tech changes during the last few years, so I would be grateful for a bit of guidance. My current rig first: Sabertooth X79 Motherboard Intel i7-3960X...

    Sky verses anything else

  6. Egle

    Career choices. London or Bristol?

    I live and work in London as a UX designer. Job is great, rent is high, traffic annoys me, culture is amazing, so at the same time I love it and hate it. I'm considering about moving to a smaller city, but I'm afraid about my career progression. I know that in a few years as a UX designer in...
  7. pete_agreatguy

    Which wireless technology is best for HD media streaming?

    Hi all, I currently use 2.4GHz wireless N range for streaming media files (ripped blu rays) from my PC to my tablet via my wireless network. The files can be between 1.2 to 3GB in file size. I use VLC player to do this using SMB as it seems to work best. In your opinion is it worth upgrading...
  8. GTiPUG

    New guy round these parts - House move recommendations

    Hey guys! Looking for advice! Joined back in November but only recently remembered these forums, seems to be a lot of like minded people here with a passion for hardware as you'd expect! I'm here for advice... I'm 21 Y/O and am hoping to be buying my first house within the next month or so...
  9. JustInVR

    Toronto's Leading Architecture Firm talks the importance of VR

    Norm Li talks about the future of VR in Architecture. Thoughts?
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