1. Sycoz

    5950x boosting to 4.2-4.9ghz & around 1.4v while idling or barely doing anything

    Just put together a new build, upgraded from a 2600 and ive noticed that my 5950x is boosting for no reason, just idling watching youtube/twitch its boosting itself to 4.2-4.9ghz and around 1.4 volts. cpu temps when idle are in the high 40's and when i stress test it doesnt break 70c. i have...
  2. SirDank

    Toasty Ryzen 5600

    Hi, would appreciate some advise. Tldr at the bottom. Upgraded my set up roughly a year ago now to a Ryzen 5600X. Didn't have any issues when I first built and ran some bench marks to find temps were good. However, after roughly 6 months I started to notice some performance issues with my CPU...
  3. lost-signal

    5800x Temps and PBO Settings?

    So I've had my 5800x since launch, the cooler is a Dark Rock 4 (non-pro) and as I'm sure most of you here have heard many times before, it runs toasty. Stock settings, Idle is around 40-50c, gaming upwards of 70c and cinebench multicore it very quickly hits 90c. I adjusted my PBO settings in...
  4. rmonkey100

    Ryzen 5800x very high idle/browsing temps!? Help

    Hi I am getting very high temps with my 5800x & can't figure out why. It currently idles around 60-65c, and just browsing chrome etc, it is around 70c... Gaming at only 50% ish CPU usage is around 80c+ I always used to idle at 30-40c and gaming loads around 65c when using the 1700, 2700x...
  5. Madmax1uk

    GPU frequencies and hot idle temps

    New to these forums but wanted to share something I experienced with my new 3090. A 'Problem shared' and all that. Caveat: whilst I've been building PCs for years, please consider me new to all this and if this post is common knowledge apologies. After firing up my new GPU and benching the...
  6. marcosscriven

    Why does 3900X power go from 75W to 125W when at constant freq and 100% load?

    I'm just trying to measure various cooling options in my new case, and thus attempting to fix variables. However, I can see the 'package power' jumping suddenly from 75W to 125W a full *six minutes* after the system has been running at 100% load (with Prime65), the fan fixed at 100%, and the...
  7. Andrew Norris

    h150i Temps

    Hi Guys Just done my first build for a few years as an upgrade from an FX8350 Ive built a 10900k System with a h150i for cooling but just want to check my temps as i cant seems to get any solid data anywhere but think they may be a little high At Idle it will sit around low 30's , When i Run...
  8. mr_m_cox

    Ryzen temp jumps

    Hi All, Is anyone else finding that their Ryzen CPU will have a temp spike? When just doing internet browsing I will find that will no more than 1 or 2 % usage the temp will within a split second report up by 10c and then gradually drop down again before a short while later spiking again. Any...
  9. mr_m_cox

    What's my max voltages

    Hi all, Recently got a new pc and have been playing with OCing it. I am struggling to find a sensible answer on what voltages my kit max out at. I understand that really the limit on voltage are the temps produced as a result of the voltage but equally there must be a maximum the components...
  10. Goran Brkic

    X5450 ON P5Q3 i need help for OC! Pls

    If anyone can help me with overclocking this CPU pls contact me! Sry for bad english! :D TY
  11. inohome

    GTX 1050 Ti idle temp went off

    Hi. The idle temp of my GIGABYTE GTX 1050 Ti OC was around 38C to 42C at idle. However, yesterday I removed the graphics card from my rig to test another graphics card for a purpose. After I installed back my 1050 Ti, the idle temp is around 50C to 54C. I've tried reinstalling the card itself...
  12. toontoonizer

    i7 7820x temperature advice

    Hi all, Been a lurker for years and finally got round to splurging on a big rig. I'll include the specs below but perhaps useful to put the question i have up here as i am not sure if i have the right section. Essentially, i have an i7 7820x (please no 'but y not Ryzen' questions from the...
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